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New QuickChange saves an extra 30% on ROLAND 700 makereadies

Press release from the issuing company

Düsseldorf, Germany — MAN Roland is offering 30% faster makereadies on its next generation ROLAND 700s. The innovation that makes the savings possible is called QuickChange and it is being introduced at drupa as a new productivity option on the ROLAND 700 — the company’s 41-inch line of presses. QuickChange is a bundle of new makeready enhancements that supercharges the ROLAND 700 from one end to the other. That makes it easier and faster than ever to transition from one job to the next. QuickChange also automates more aspects of the makeready process so a printer’s rookie operators can produce like pros. Just as importantly, QuickChange reduces waste dramatically on every run, so printers can make more on every sheet they produce. “The phrase ‘paper thin’ doesn’t even begin to describe the condition of printers’ profit margins these days,” says Yves Rogivue, CEO of MAN Roland Inc. “QuickChange will help them save time on makereadies, save money on paper waste and utilize less costly operators. That will result in more profitable printers.” QuickChange addresses virtually every function of the makeready process through an integrated bundle of seven modules: QuickChange Job lets the press operator pre-select a sequence of makeready functions on the press’ PECOM console. A typical progression might include blanket wash-up, then impression cylinder wash-up, then ink roller-wash-up, then plate changing, then inking up. At the touch of one button, all of the functions are automatically carried out — one after the other — freeing the press crew for other chores. That results in 40% more multi-tasking time, and trims makereadies by anywhere from three to five minutes. The advancement also provides for the automatic adjustment of press transferters to accommodate different stock types and thicknesses. That can save up to 3.5 minutes of makeready time on each printing unit of the press. QuickChange Air consists of a digitally directed network of servo-driven air valves in the feeder, in the delivery and in between that facilitates more precise and controllable sheetflow throughout the ROLAND 700. With QuickChange Air, all air settings for a job can be stored at the PECOM console, and recalled instantly for repeat jobs. That can trim up to five minutes from each makeready while significantly reducing start-up waste. Fine-tuned air flow also results in higher production run rates, especially on difficult to handle stock. Tests show productivity increases by up to 500 sheets per hour when QuickChange Air is in force. QuickChange Feeder equips the ROLAND 700 for faster adjustments of the press’ feeder components. Format changeovers from minimum to maximum sheet size require only 45 seconds with QuickChange Feeder, for as much as a 50% time savings. Contributing to the savings is a new manual adjustment function, which overrides the press’ servo motors. It enables operators to make major format changes rapidly throughout the press. QuickChange also reduces pile height positioning time by about 30 seconds per makeready. Also adding an array of time-saving advancements to the 700 is QuickChange Infeed. They include a servo-driven front lay adjustment that reduces makeready time at the infeed by approximately three minutes. Other QuickChange Infeed components include a push-type side lay for G-flute board, a first-sheet guidance system for heavier stock and a new adjustable infeed drum for board printing. All three combine to enable the 700 to accommodate board work more productively. QuickChange Color provides a Triple-Flow Universal Inking unit that can be configured in different ways to better accommodate jobs with demanding inkflow requirements. It also includes new technology for ramp-up and shut-down that saves time and reduces waste by getting the press up to color more rapidly on every job. QuickChange Wash equips ROLAND 700 users with faster ink changeovers. A new fountain design facilitates faster ink removal, trimming three minutes from that task. An advanced ink roller washing unit refines spray functions for more targeted results, reducing makeready time by another two to three minutes. And an optional separated washing agent circuit lets operators switch between cleaning solutions in an instant. It’s particularly useful for shops that frequently switch from conventional inks to Hybrid or UV varieties. QuickChange Clamp features new, multi-purpose clamps for the 700’s coating form cylinder and an additional pressing roller incorporated into the in-line coater. That lets operators trim 12 minutes from their makeready time. Thanks to QuickChange Clamp, they can change from flood coating to spot coating in under three minutes. The QuickChange productivity bundle will be available as an option on all ROLAND 700 presses, starting with those sold at drupa 2004. QuickChange-equipped 700s will begin to ship in autumn of this year.