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New Hardware And Software Upgrades Enhance Value Proposition Of Digimaster Print Systems

Press release from the issuing company

DÜSSELDORF, Germany — The popular Digimaster product portfolio from NexPress Solutions, Inc. will provide greater productivity and expand applications for print providers looking to grow their businesses, as a result of new software upgrades and product accessories announced today. NexPress Solutions, Inc. unveiled today at Drupa a portfolio of software and hardware accessories for Digimaster print systems. - New print-productivity tools, including Print Production 6.0 and SmartBoard 3.0 software, which will offer a number of new enhancements to increase the efficiency of Digimaster print systems. - Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) capability available for 150 page-per-minute solutions, including both the Digimaster 9150i print system and the new Digimaster E150 print system announced today. - The new V240 SCS (System Control Subsystem), a server-based controller that processes print files and drives the printer and delivers significant new benefits for Digimaster system customers. - An optional second paper-supply module, which provides additional drawers to automate and personalize longer-run jobs. - Third-party partnerships that will enable new workflow solutions and even greater productivity for customers. “These new offerings to the Digimaster print system family demonstrate our strong commitment to meet customer needs,” said Venkat Purushotham, NexPress Solutions, Inc. President and CEO. “By employing such a wide range of solutions, print providers will benefit from a streamlined all-digital workflow that enables them to produce black-and-white printed pieces with the highest-quality images and text available today.” New software tools enable improved productivity The Digimaster system will be even more efficient with Print Production 6.0 software, available in August, which offers a number of new features, including: - Expanded paper size support - Direct support of Adobe? Acrobat? PDF? 1.5 format for easier job setup - Expanded job tracking capabilities through the system’s front end - The Digital Print Quality Adjust feature for real-time, post-RIP adjustments to line width and solid-area density to achieve the desired results - Expanded capabilities for job management and quality control NexPress also recently announced the availability of SmartBoard 3.0 software, the next generation of digital prepress software based on Adobe? Acrobat? 6.0 Professional — providing one streamlined workflow solution for both digital color and digital black-and-white document assembly and print preparation. High productivity and MICR expand applications The ability to upgrade to MICR will be available in August as an option for all 150 page-per-minute Digimaster systems, including the Digimaster 9150i print system enabled with Print Production 6.0, and the new Digimaster E150 print system. In the MICR configuration, Digimaster print systems are an ideal solution for the secure, high-output demands of transactional printing or data-center environments. The MICR configuration also allows for easy transfer from MICR to non-MICR toner stations, providing the ability to employ the same machine for printing both toners. In addition, the MICR fonts are certified PIRA Grade 1 and comply with all leading international standards, exceeding industry specifications for MICR print quality and security. Next generation controller increases speed NexPress recently announced the availability of a new system controller for the Digimaster print system product family. The V240 SCS (System Control Subsystem) is a server-based controller that offers three times the processing speed and enables end users to achieve higher productivity and reliability than ever before. Second paper-supply module adds to flexibility Additional upgrades include a second paper-supply module that allows up to nine paper drawers to be employed for printing — for up to 12,000 sheets of robust paper handling. Another 4,000 post-process sheets can be added to that with a three-drawer inserter for inline automatic collation and personalization and assembly of a wide range of materials printed on other devices. The added paper supplies provide greater flexibility for print jobs requiring multiple stocks. Valuable third-party partnerships From front-end software to third-party accessories, NexPress continues to work with leading companies to enable streamlined print-production solutions. Close alliances with third-party partners, such as Bindomatic, CSP, Emtex, Kern and Solimar, broaden the array of print applications and increase workflow efficiency for Digimaster print system customers.