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New Digimaster E150 Gives Print Providers Unmatched Flexibility And Productivity In One Print System

Press release from the issuing company

DUSSELDORF, Germany — The new Digimaster E150 print system from NexPress Solutions, Inc. will meet the needs of the most demanding digital printing environments, through greater flexibility of paper sizes and weights, optional Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) and commercial-print configurations, and additional paper supplies. Available in August, the Digimaster E150 print system is a modular 150-page-per-minute digital black-and-white press offering enhanced image quality, greater range of substrate weights and thicknesses on the most reliable paper path on the market, and a truly open architecture for seamless workflow integration. Print providers worldwide will benefit from a unique range of flexibility and productivity options in one device, including: - Additional substrate flexibility. A wider-than-ever-before range of paper sizes, weights and coatings, for producing more compelling output — such as direct-mail pieces — at more productive throughput speeds. - Variable frame capability. Dramatically enhances the productivity of the device for non-standard paper sizes. - Commercial print configuration. Provides printers a tailored option for meeting the demanding requirements of commercial print environments. - MICR option. Press owners have the flexibility to handle transactional printing using MICR ink or to switch to conventional toner — all on the same device. The configuration can be ordered with the device or added later. - More paper-supply options. Lets users automate and personalize longer-run jobs, such as booklets and product collateral. - New Print Production Software 6.0. Provides greater productivity to enable workflow and integrate hardware options for print providers looking to grow their businesses. - Digital Print Quality Adjustment. Enables easy adjustment to image quality for desired results. The Digimaster E150 print system is the latest addition to the award-winning family of Digimaster print systems, which is creating a powerful presence in high- and very-high volume monochrome printing environments. “With our new Digimaster E150 print system, we’ve taken the most reliable and productive digital high-volume black-and-white print system on the market and made it even better,” said Venkat Purushotham, NexPress Solutions, Inc. President and CEO. “Customers around the world will benefit from an extremely productive solution for high-volume black-and-white print production that they can customize to best meet their changing business needs — and that opens up an array of high-value print applications.” The new print system employs state-of-the-art technology to match the outstanding performance of the Digimaster portfolio, while delivering additional key benefits for print providers: - Extensive paper-size capabilities, giving customers the ability to print on a wider range of paper sizes and weights, including any dimension in the in-track direction from 178 mm to 471 mm (7 inches to 18.5 inches) and any dimension in the cross-track direction from 210 mm to 364 mm (8.27 inches to 14.33 inches). - A commercial print configuration, enabling the machine to address the demanding requirements of commercial printing, including enhanced handling of a wide range of paper sizes, weights and finishes for heavy and glossy stocks, and digital image quality adjustment. - A MICR toner configuration, for 150 page-per-minute printing of special fonts and characters for a variety of applications, including printing checks, rebates, coupons and other financial documents. This makes the Digimaster E150 print system compliant with all leading international standards to exceed industry specifications for MICR print quality and security. - Greater productivity at higher speeds for papers wider than 229 mm (9 inches) and less than 350 mm (13.8 inches) — maintaining the rated speed even when used with accessories and finishing equipment. - Improved paper performance and better handling of heavier paper stocks — up to 266 g/m - caliper up to .25 mm (10 pt.) — coated papers and offset-printed material through the marking engine. - The Digital Print Quality Adjust feature enables operators to vary line width and solid area density to achieve the look they desire — whether to match the output of competitive devices or to enhance the image’s appearance. The adjustment is made in real time and post RIP. - Paper catalog flexibility, including the ability to use paper definitions in jobs that are not in the System Paper Catalog. - Additional remote-user capabilities, including access to job manager, modify print monitor and system administration. The standard configuration of the Digimaster E150 print system consists of the marking engine; the new V240 SCS (System Control Subsystem), a server-based controller that offers three times the processing speed and enables printing customers to achieve higher production, flexibility and reliability than ever before; a paper-supply module (for a total of six paper drawers); and finisher. An optional second paper-supply module — available for all Digimaster print systems — provides an additional three drawers for a total of nine paper supplies and up to 12,000 sheets of paper. Software options include SmartBoard? 3.0 — which leverages the power of PDF in a robust digital prepress workflow solution that significantly reduces prepress time by as much as 50 percent and reprint time by up to 70 percent — DataXceed? and coXist applications. Current Digimaster 9150i machine users also have the ability to upgrade their systems to MICR in the field. New software for improved productivity Print Production Software 6.0 is designed to improve productivity, provide ease of use and the flexibility to produce more customized and complex jobs. Enhancements include choice of two configurations (SP or AP), available only on the Digimaster 9110 print system; a licensing option for MICR and commercial-print configurations; improved paper handling at higher engine speed running odd-sized stocks; direct support of the Adobe? Acrobat? PDF 1.5 format for easier job set-up; expanded job-tracking capabilities through the system’s front end; and an increase in paper catalog entries to 200. An upgrade to Print Production Software 6.0 is available for Digimaster 9110 print systems and Digimaster 9150i machines in the field. Like the BERTL-award winning Digimaster family of print systems, the Digimaster E150 print system delivers the best image quality in the marketplace, with a resolution of 600x600 dpi, and employs small–particle developer and enhanced technology to deliver high-quality documents with the sharpest text, crispest halftones and richest graphics in the industry. It can also be configured with a wide range of input and finishing devices, including Imagedirect? 665 Production Scanner, roll feeders, post-process inserter, booklet maker, perfect binder, hole puncher and stackers. The Digimaster E150 print system will be available in August at the same MSRP as the Digimaster 9150i print system, providing additional functionality without an increase in price, while the MSRP of the Digimaster 9150i print system will be lowered to provide a value-priced option for customers.