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Pitney Bowes Introduces Business Manager System

Press release from the issuing company

STAMFORD, Conn., April 28 -- Pitney Bowes Inc. today introduced Business Manager, a user-friendly information management system that links mailing systems across an enterprise into a centrally controlled server. This powerful new system enables organizations to better manage their mailing operations and increase the value of each mailpiece by instantaneously consolidating information from local and remote site mailing systems into a centralized server that can monitor and track postal costs, analyze expenditures and identify potential cost reductions. "Information is key to managing an efficient and effective mailing operation," said Timothy M. Bates, Vice President, Customer Marketing, Pitney Bowes. "Business Manager gives organizations up-to-the-moment visibility into their entire mailing operation. This unique ability to monitor every mailing system across an enterprise offers tremendous opportunity to coordinate and manage the flow of their outbound and inbound communication resulting in significant costs savings, better accounting and most importantly, higher impact of their mail. Armed with this powerful information, organizations can better identify opportunities to leverage lower cost U.S. Postal Service services and work-share discounts. These savings can then be used to increase the number of direct mail pieces which can drive revenue and business growth." Business Manager, which is accessible to authorized users from anywhere on a company's network, is a scalable solution that connects to legacy Pitney Bowes systems and Pitney Bowes' DM Series of digital mailing systems. In addition to its monitoring and tracking capabilities, Business Manager offers comprehensive reporting functions that can highlight data by transaction, operator, performance and system as well as summary and detailed administrative reports. These reports, coupled with the system's statistical reporting software that generates graphs and charts, give organizations powerful information to control costs, track jobs across departments, support invoicing of clients and enable better forecasting. "In today's increasingly competitive direct mail marketplace, mailers are compelled to control costs while maximize the value of each mailpiece to garner attention and drive response rates," said Bates. "Business Manager gives organizations the enterprise-wide accounting, reporting and information needed to efficiently and effectively run their mailing operation to grow their business." The system also offers security features to prevent unauthorized access to postage funds, as well as account passwords to avoid postage being charged to an incorrect cost center. Business Manager offers receipt printing to document individual transactions.