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Enfocus Software to Unveil Instant PDF 3.0 at DRUPA

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Ghent, April 15, 2004 – Enfocus Software will unveil Instant PDF 3.0, a major upgrade of its PDF preflight application, at DRUPA 2004. In this new implementation of Enfocus’ advanced “Queue” technology, Instant PDF 3.0 enables transparent creation and delivery of flawless PDFs by including powerful tools allowing critical downstream definition of creation and process parameters. Creators will, without any additional steps or effort, produce PDF documents that match printers’ preferred PDF workflow specifications via the new Enfocus PDF Queue. A series of major new features also includes menu-level integration with multiple PDF creation tools and technologies including Adobe InDesign CS, Adobe Acrobat, and QuarkXPress 6, and operating system-level integration in Mac OS X (Panther and Jaguar). “We’ve dramatically reworked the product based on customer feedback,” says Enfocus CEO David van Driessche. “Both from a user experience and from a feature point of view, Instant PDF has evolved into a much more mature product.” van Driessche elaborates, saying that while Instant PDF’s primary focus of providing document creators with the easiest way to create and deliver error-free PDFs hasn’t changed, the improved version gives document receivers the tools they need to define how that PDF should behave for their particular workflow. Implementation of New Enfocus PDF Queue The essential change to Instant PDF 3.0 is its implementation of the new Enfocus PDF Queue. The Enfocus PDF Queue contains all settings and standards - defined by receivers - needed to create a good PDF and deliver it to its final destination. Instant PDF 3.0 automatically executes the Queue on the PDF document. What’s Contained in the Enfocus PDF Queue: - Print settings for both Adobe InDesign CS and QuarkXPress 6. - Acrobat Distiller Job Options. - An Enfocus PDF Profile, providing the most comprehensive set of PDF preflight checks and fixes. - Enfocus Action Lists, bringing advanced auto-correction through PitStop Professional and PitStop Server. - Preferred file save, email, and FTP locations. How Receivers Create and Share Enfocus PDF Queues with Creators The integration of the Enfocus PDF Queue with CertifiedPDF.net, Enfocus’ online communications hub between PDF creators and receivers, will make it effortless for receivers to consistently communicate their preferred quality specifications to their creative partners and customers. Receivers can create or edit Enfocus PDF Queues to accommodate changing workflows and different applications using a copy of Instant PDF 3.0, and then post the up-to-date Queues at CertifiedPDF.net. Changed Queues will be automatically distributed using a CertifiedPDF.net Queue update feature that interacts transparently with Instant PDF 3.0. In summary, Instant PDF: 1. Controls the entire PDF creation process 2. Preflights 3. Certifies 4. Delivers the file to its final destination according to the settings defined in the Enfocus PDF Queue Part of the Enfocus PDF Workflow Suite Instant PDF 3.0 is part of the Enfocus PDF Workflow Suite. Whether integrated with existing, Enfocus-powered workflows or acquired as a whole, publishers will achieve the most benefit when utilizing the full Enfocus PDF Workflow Suite: - Instant PDF 3.0 to create PDF Queues; - PitStop Professional to create Action Lists and PDF Profiles; Preflight and Edit; - CertifiedPDF.net to publish the PDF Queues; and - PitStop Server to automate the control of incoming files. This comprehensive suite of tools contains a copy of all Enfocus products, plus an available maintenance and support component. A yearly fee gives customers access to upgrades, a subscription to CertifiedPDF.net, and a dedicated support forum. Additional Major Features & Details • Instant PDF 3.0 supports different PDF creation tools and technologies: in addition to Adobe Acrobat Distiller, Instant PDF 3.0 now also integrates with the direct PDF export from Adobe InDesign CS and QuarkXPress 6, as well as the PDF creation technology embedded in Apple’s Mac OS X (Panther and Jaguar). The Enfocus PDF Queue controls which PDF creation methods are allowed and which parameters should be used.   • The user experience has been significantly enhanced: - Direct integration in QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat and the Mac OS X print panel through a “Save as Certified PDF” menu item. - Easy job monitoring through streamlined user interface. - Synchronization of Enfocus PDF Queues with CertifiedPDF.net keeps queues up-to-date with minimal user interaction. - “Self-healing” provides minimal installation and maintenance concerns for the application itself and for Enfocus PDF Queues. - An optional “review” step allows visual inspection of generated PDF files before they are delivered. - In-application help provides direct links to the extensive help function. - All errors and warnings in the preflight report are hyperlinked to the Enfocus PDF Guide, a resource that explains the respective errors or warnings and offers tips on how to solve it them. The public announcement of Instant PDF 3.0 is planned for DRUPA 04. At Drupa 2000 Enfocus introduced PitStop 4.0 and the first version of PitStop Server. Since then the company has expanded the number of core technologies that form the basis of its products. Enfocus’ preflight technology has proven to be the most comprehensive and widely used PDF preflight technology available today, offering not only error detection but also on the fly corrections. Enfocus’ Certified PDF has had a significant impact on the use of PDF in the graphics arts market, addressing the long-standing major issue of genuinely reliable file exchange. “Since then we have extended the number of our core technologies. Our preflight technology has proven to be the most extensive (and used) PDF preflight technology available. In fact, our preflight technology is unique in that, it not only detects problems, but also fixes them on the fly. A self-healing application modifies its configuration automatically and transparently, depending on changes to the creator’s workstation. If, for example, the creator installs a new layout or design application, Instant PDF 3.0 will automatically “find” and, install itself properly within the program. Enfocus’ Certified PDF has had a significant impact on the use of PDF in the graphics arts market. It has tackled a major issue that has been around for years: true reliable file exchange.” “In this release of Instant PDF 3.0 - the tool for Certified PDF creation, we have incorporated both technologies. In addition we have launched CertifiedPDF.net and have published our Enfocus PDF Guide. We continue to contribute proactively to the setting of workable PDF quality specifications through the Ghent PDF Workgroup.” In conclusion, says van Driessche, “we believe there is a need for a bold technological vision on inter-company workflows in graphic arts and we are confident that we deliver on this vision with Instant PDF 3.0.”