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Enovation Passes 1,000th PictroProof

Press release from the issuing company

HANOVER PARK, Ill., April 2004 – Thanks to its ease-of-use, productivity and reliability, Fujifilm’s PictroProof is an integral part of more than 1,000 prepress shops, printing facilities and art departments across the country and at more than 2,500 locations worldwide. Enovation recently celebrated the sale of its 1,000th PictroProof device and sales continue to climb. “PictroProof is a great proofer. It’s simple to use and it offers unbelievable color and consistency,” says Don Schroeder, group manager for color products for Enovation Graphic Systems, Inc., which is the largest distributor of Fujifilm equipment in the United States. “We’re pleased with the way PictroProof has performed and really expect sales to climb as remote proofing becomes a more common practice.” Fujifilm first introduced the two-page PictroProof digital contone proofer in October 1999 and, at last year’s Graph Expo, debuted the successor to the manufacturer’s successful device: the PictroProof II. PictroProof II boasts all of the same features as the original, including a quick print time, ease-of-operation, built-in automatic calibration and high resolution, but will now also feature a number of improvements as well. “The PictroProof definitely increased our throughput and made us more competitive in the prepress department,” explains Rod Franson, operations manager at Bloomington, Minn.-based Carlson Print Group, which installed the PictroProof in August 2003. “If prepress costs are not competitive, odds are we will not be awarded the print of any given project. Our press operators are able to match color of the PictroProof at press just as fast as our high-end dot proof. The majority of the press operators prefer the PictroProof over the other proofs.” Richard Amsberry, electronic prepress manager at Brown Printing in Dalton, Ga., praises the PictroProof, which his company installed almost a year ago, for its consistent color. “Brown Printing is known for its color accuracy and quality craftsmanship,” he contends. “The color of the PictroProof is a pretty good match, so we know what we can expect on press. Most of our customers bring their products in to match with the proof, so the proof has to match well.” PictroProof and PictroProof II are two-page digital proofers and use Fujifilm’s proprietary Thermal Development and Transfer Technology, a laser-diode imaging process capable of producing fast, high-quality color results. The devices also use CMYK donor material and receiver paper to simulate commercial printing ink and stock, giving users an early glimpse of the final product. With the increase in the number of people implementing remote proofing procedures, PictroProof II is the ideal output device. It’s also SWOP-certified, so users can be assured that the color representation is the same from proof to proof and from location to location. With the new PictroProof II, users now can utilize a network adapter that allows PictroProof II to be connected to a network via an Ethernet connection, giving users the flexibility to still run the PictroProof II and be remote from the software that’s driving it. PictroProof II now also supports several additional Fujifilm RIPs and drivers, including CV5 (Adobe RIP), AozoraPS, Proof Director Pro and PictroMatch OSX. In addition, support for OEM RIPs, such as the Best ColorProof, have been added. Now with a built-in calibrator, engine calibration takes a mere 60 seconds.