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Nexpress Intellicoat, Intellicolor Solutions Add Greater Image Protection

Press release from the issuing company

HEIDELBERG, Germany — Print providers can create additional application opportunities using two new imaging solutions that add an inline image-protective coating and provide an 80-percent richer color gamut than achieved by standard offset process printing. NexPress Solutions LLC announced today its new IntelliColor and IntelliCoat solutions, which will be showcased and made available to customers at the Drupa trade show. Both solutions, which include new DryInk offerings, a fifth-imaging unit and front-end software, fit with the company’s theme "More than a press. Powering success.” • The NexPress IntelliCoat solution lets users add a new clear DryInk coating for greater image protection and greater productivity. It is targeted for a range of commercial-printing and image-rich applications, including direct mail, book covers, brochures, greeting cards and postcards. • The NexPress IntelliColor solution enables print businesses to achieve a color gamut that is 80 percent richer than standard offset process printing and to more accurately match 86 percent of all Pantone spot colors. “Digital printing offers several advantages over traditional printing, from on-demand delivery to greater workflow efficiency,” said Venkat Purushotham, President and CEO, NexPress Solutions LLC. “Our new IntelliCoat and IntelliColor solutions further enhance the award-winning image quality of NexPress 2100 presses, by offering a wider range of colors and greater image protection — for an array of printed pieces, from direct mail and postcards, to books and brochures.” The IntelliCoat and IntelliColor offerings are options for the company’s NexPress Power and NexPress Optima Solutions. NexPress’ new Solution Series gives print businesses greater productivity and more efficient workflow through a series of new hardware, software and professional consulting services. NexPress IntelliCoat Solution The NexPress IntelliCoat offering features the fifth-imaging module, NexPress DryInk Clear, and software for the powerful, new NexStation III front end. Employing the NexPress IntelliCoat solution, print providers can benefit from greater productivity and added image protection. Users can add a flood or spot coating of the new DryInk Clear, an additional protective layer for printed pieces and images. It also allows an overcoat as an authenticating watermark on coupons or to communicate copyrights on proofs of portrait images. The NexPress IntelliCoat option is designed to increase productivity by reducing damage to images — such as abrasions, scratches, smudges and scuff marks — that can be caused by finishing and bulk-mailing equipment. Because it is an in-line solution, it eliminates the manual labor and errors associated with offline solutions. NexPress IntelliColor Solution The NexPress IntelliColor solution significantly broadens the existing range of CMYK colors by allowing users to choose one of three new process colors — DryInk Red, DryInk Green or DryInk Blue. The IntelliColor option is a convenient and operator-friendly way to better match corporate-branded spot colors, letting print businesses simulate 86 percent of all specified Pantone spot colors with outstanding results — including colors unachievable with four-color process. Using this offering, print providers can achieve an 80-percent richer color gamut than is possible with standard offset process printing. This solution builds on the range of colors currently achievable on the NexPress 2100 press, which already delivers a 20-percent richer color gamut than four-color offset process printing. NexPress’ IntelliColor solution features three key components — a fifth-imaging module, NexPress DryInk Red, DryInk Blue or DryInk Green, and software for the new NexStation III front end.