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PerfectProof introduces ProofMaster Dalmatian

Press release from the issuing company

MECHELEN, BELGIUM MARCH 29th 2004 -- PerfectProof introduces ProofMaster Dalmatian, a uniquely flexible proofing package that uses the 1-bit files produced by RIPs driving an Imagesetter or Platesetter. Making proofs directly from these 1-bit files guarantees that any of the problems that can occur when making the films or plates will appear on the proof. As a result, Dalmatian reduces rework, unnecessary costs and, ultimately, customer complaints. Revolutionary Flexibility ProofMaster Dalmatian offers unprecedented choice to the customer that both eases integration and improves the fit within the customer’s workflow: - ProofMaster Dalmatian is available in 3 different sizes and price points: 2-up, 4-up and 8-up. It is the only product on the market offering 1-bit proofing to the 2-up market. - Customers want to make 1-bit proofs at the end of the workflow but want normal color proofs earlier in the workflow. ProofMaster Dalmatian allows users to make 1-bit proofs as well as proofs from all the standard DTP formats. - Dalmatian is available on Mac OS X and Windows. - Many users want to proof 1-bit impositions on a large format printer but make color proofs on a smaller printer, ProofMaster Dalmatian can drive 2 printers at once with a single license. - ProofMaster Dalmatian packages let users choose from among 3 different color correction methods: Pure Dot, Accurate Color, and Accurate Color with Pure Black. “Dalmatian brings 1-bit proofing to a new range of customers,” states Mark Verbist, General Manager, PerfectProof Europe. “Small printing shops can now afford the same top-notch proofing tools once reserved for bigger players.”