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GretagMacbeth announces new ProfileMaker 5 professional color management solutions

Press release from the issuing company

New Windsor, NY and Regensdorf, Switzerland; March 29, 2004 – GretagMacbeth, the worldwide technological leader in color measurement and management solutions, recently introduced ProfileMaker 5, the latest generation of its comprehensive, high-end color management solution for professionals in color critical environments. The solutions were announced and demonstrated at the recent PMA exhibition in Las Vegas. ProfileMaker 5 software is now packaged in three, vertically focused solutions – PM5 Publish Pro and PM5 Packaging Pro and PM5 Photostudio Pro – that provide optimal price/performance levels for professionals in prepress-publishing, multicolor packaging-textile printing and studio photography environments. Each solution is designed to provide only the functionality required for each specific workflow, thereby maintaining ease of use. Individual functional modules and additional tools are also available giving users the flexibility to expand their packages as their needs grow. In addition, the functional modules in the ProfileMaker software suite have been extensively enhanced in new ProfileMaker 5 for building, editing and working with ICC 4 color profiles. These enhancements include many unique and revolutionary new features, extensions to existing functions and more intuitive user interface updates. Significant among the new capabilities are an advanced Multicolor Module that supports n-color separations and output in up to 10 channels, with and without CMYK inks, for packaging and textile printing applications and a new DeviceLink module that provides ICC compatible device linking workflows for RGB and CMYK color spaces including a preserve black functionality throughout the separation process. The new version of ProfileMaker 5 also includes a substantially enhanced Digital Camera Module for profiling digital cameras in studio environments. “ProfileMaker software has long been acknowledged as ‘the color management solution of choice’ by color experts in publishing and high end imaging environments worldwide,” said Iris Mangelschots, VP and GM of Digital Imaging at GretagMacbeth. “The new version, ProfileMaker 5, expands on this foundation and its strong foothold in traditional prepress and printing by bringing focused solutions and the advantages of color managed workflows to the packaging-textile printing environment and to digital studio photographers. The new packaged solutions and unparalleled new capabilities in ProfileMaker 5 software make it the most comprehensive, feature-packed and versatile color management solution on the market today.” NEW PROFILEMAKER 5 VERTICAL MARKET SOLUTIONS The three new ProfileMaker 5 solutions include a full suite of modules to support the devices and workflows required in prepress-publishing, packaging-textile printing and studio photography. ProfileMaker Publish, which succeeds the current ProfileMaker 4.1 suite, is a complete solution for commercial prepress and publishing environments where ProfileMaker has long been a standard. It includes ProfileMaker 5 modules of creating and editing ICC 4 profiles for monitors, scanners, RGB, CMYK, Hexachrome® and CMYK+Red/Blue output devices, plus enhanced Color Picker and Measure Tool Modules. Some of the major new features in the ProfileMaker Publish solution include support for the new ICC 4 profile specification, new and extended gamut mapping capabilities and a new test chart generator with which users can generate custom test charts optimized for individual output devices. New process control functions enable working with gradation curves, dot gain and optical density measurements. Now included in ProfileMaker Publish (and in the ProfileMaker Photostudio solution), at no additional charge, is an enhanced Output Module that supports RGB, CMYK, Hexachrome® and CMYK+Red/Blue output devices , plus a new Adobe Photoshop plug-in that supports multicolor color separations and soft-/hard-copy proofing. With ProfileMaker Packaging, GretagMacbeth has developed the first complete color management solution for packaging and textile printing applications. It includes all of the modules that are part of ProfileMaker 5 Publish plus a revolutionary new Multicolor module that supports a limitless n-color multi-color profile generation capability for up to 10 channels, with and without CMYK inks, in addition to Hexachrome and CMYK+Red/Blue profiles. An Adobe Photoshop plug-in supports multicolor separation, soft-/hard-copy proofing of MultiColor jobs. And a new and revolutionary patent-pending generic output profiling technology lets users replace inks in existing profiles instead of making new test charts and remeasuring/profiling to avoid the time and cost intensive process of recreating plates, cylinders, etc. for new test charts. Instead it is possible to take a spectral measurement of a new color and integrate it into an existing profile – a feature that is important for the packaging industry where colors change frequently. This reduces iteration cycles, and ensures faster turnaround of MultiColor products. ProfileMaker Photostudio is a complete solution for the digital photo studio that enables photographers to create and customize ICC profiles with the expanded capability to measure and integrate both flash and continuous light, ideal for high end studio applications like fashion, retail, catalog, and packaging photography. It includes ProfileMaker 5 modules for creating and editing ICC 4 profiles for LCD and CRT monitors; RGB, CMYK, Hexachrome® and CMYK+Red/Blue output devices; plus an enhanced Color Picker module for measuring and incorporating specific spot colors. It also includes an all new Digital Camera Module, based on a new, patent pending profiling technology that will enable photographers to obtain smoother color transitions and optimization of skin tones and high and low key images– resulting in a profile that produces high quality results comparable to analog transparencies. A new and unique new spot color function allows measuring and adding individual colors to get perfect logo and product colors – a capability that is critical to branding and fashion photography for achieving colorimetrically correct reproduction. When combined with the Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer, the photographer adds the enhanced capability to measure both flash and continuous light and incorporate the measurement directly into the profile, generating even greater profile accuracy. ProfileMaker Photostudio also includes a newly designed Digital ColorChecker SG (semi-gloss) chart that uses a new selection of colors from the unrivaled Munsell color system for generating the highest quality digital camera profiles that deliver the optimal color and output results. New DeviceLink Module Another important addition to ProfileMaker 5 is a new Device Link Module that provides easy to use, fully ICC compatible device linking workflows for RGB and CMYK color spaces. Included is a new preserve black function as well as clean black and clean primary options. It can be used to automatically adopt ink coverages in order to avoid workflow issues and tailor DeviceLink profile generation to specific needs. Furthermore, inks can be saved by redefining the separation data without losing the overall characteristics of a device. New hardware software bundles – offer best price/performance for all levels of automation and versatility New cost-effective hardware software bundles that pair ProfileMaker with GretagMacbeth color measuring devices will also be available. Each ProfileMaker software solution can be bundled with the user’s choice of GretagMacbeth color measuring devices – the Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer, the iCColor 210 spectral chart reader plus Eye-One Display or the Spectrolino/Spectroscan spectrophotometer and x/y table. This gives color professionals more freedom than ever before to tailor their color management solution to their unique budget and level of automation required for their specific workflow. As with previous versions of ProfileMaker software, users can tailor ProfileMaker 5 to their specific needs by selecting the individual hardware and software components they need “a la carte”. This ensures easy upgrades and is an easy way for users to start small and expand functionality as their needs grow. Availability GretagMacbeth expects to begin delivering new ProfileMaker 5 software and packaged solutions in April 2004. Customers that purchase, or have purchased, the currently available ProfileMaker 4.1.5 full software suite, individual modules, or software/hardware bundles from January 1, 2004 until first shipment of ProfileMaker 5, will be eligible for an upgrade to the corresponding solution of PM5 Publish or corresponding modules at no charge.