CMYK Distributors Installs Filter Klear Fountain Filtration System at Smyth Company

Press release from the issuing company

Weymouth, MA - CMYK Distributors, Inc., the exclusive U.S. distributor of Filter Klear Fountain Filtration Systems by CECO Environmental, is pleased to announce the installation of the Filter Klear Fountain Filtration System on the Smyth Companies’ Mitsubishi 40” six color press at their Bedford, VA facility.  

The Filter Klear Fountain Filtration System utilizes advanced nanofiber technology featuring ceramic nanofibers on a micro-glass matrix.  Filter Klear provides outstanding reduction of calcium, virus, bacteria, cysts, endotoxin and many other submicron particles through electro-adhesion and mechanical processes, filtering particulates down to .002 microns.  The Filter Klear Fountain Filtration System is a simple, intuitive, and user-friendly solution to the problem of fountain solution and water waste. 

“As a L.I.F.E. certified label manufacturer, Smyth is deeply committed to implementing innovative solutions that help us to reduce waste and to conserve water and energy,” said Anthony Bonds, R&D Manager/Technical Services at Smyth Companies.  “The cost of chemicals, the time and effort associated with cleaning our tanks, and the impact of disposing waste water and chemicals on the environment motivated the Smyth Companies team to seek out an affordable solution.  With Filter Klear, Smyth is saving time, as our press downtime has been significantly reduced.  And, we are saving money by extending the life of our fountain solution.”

By incorporating Filter Klear’s nanofiltration technology into the press room, users can virtually eliminate tank and pan maintenance and significantly reduce their consumption of fountain solution.  The filter cartridges on the Filter Klear Fountain Filtration System remove the dirt and contaminants in the water and maintain the conductivity levels.  Simply put, the Filter Klear Fountain Filtration System serves as a constant safeguard against dirt and contaminants from the incoming water, ink, paper, etc. 

“The average medium to large press requires roughly 30 to 50 gallons of clean water mixed with fountain solution and alcohol substitutes each week.  The fountain solution maintains the cleanliness of the metal plates used to hold ink and to ensure that the ink properly transfers onto a sheet or paper roll during the printing process,” said Mark Williams, Director of Sales, CMYK Distributors, Inc.  “The cleanliness of the press is tantamount to the efficiency of any pressroom.  Ink and paper dirt that accumulate in the fountain solution tank must be emptied approximately every 5 days.  Based on a tank size of 40 gallons, pressrooms are dumping approximately 160 gallons of contaminated water and costly fountain solution per month and dedicating critical manpower to cleaning dirty tanks and pans.  The Filter Klear Fountain Filtration System saves printing companies significantly in terms of time, wasted chemicals, and environmental impact.”

The immediate success of the Filter Klear Fountain Filtration System in effectively reducing wasted fountain solution at the Smyth Companies on their Mitsubishi press made it clear that additional Filter Klear units would be beneficial.  CMYK Distributors, Inc. will be installing an additional Filter Klear Fountain Filtration System on another of Smyth’s Mitsubishi presses during the fourth quarter of 2013.  Looking ahead, a multi-tank Filter Klear Fountain Filtration System will be installed on the Smyth Companies’ 8 color Komori.  The Filter Klear multi-tank system allows the pressroom to filter and control all small tanks as if they were one.  By using an affordable harnesses system, customers like the Smyth Companies save the expense of restructuring their equipment.  There are no other systems manufactured in the U.S. like the Filter Klear Fountain Filtration System multi-tank unit that address the older multi-tank systems in an affordable manner.


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