Global Graphics adds OS X support and new file delivery alternatives to Jaws PDF Courier SDK

Press release from the issuing company

Cambridge, UK -- Mac OS X-based print providers and their customers now have full access to the Client Builder and Certified PDF generation capabilities of Jaws PDF Courier, software for customized creation and delivery of documents in Portable Document Format (PDF), thanks to today's release of the latest Jaws PDF Courier SDK from Global Graphics Software, a subsidiary of Global Graphics SA. In addition to full Mac OS X support this new version of Jaws PDF Courier features an enhanced "SendIt" application that broadens Macintosh and Windows users' alternatives for delivering Certified PDF files beyond the Internet. By launching other applications such as a user's CD writer under program control, the new SendIt module enables content creators to route fully encrypted and preflighted PDF job files to their service provider in any number of ways -- such as on CD or ZIP disk, or to send the file to their FTP site for pickup.. The new Sendit module allows alternative deliveries based on a file size threshold setting, this includes custom messages prompt or command line program execution. Based on the file size smaller files can upload normally over the internet and larger files can be handled with an alternate process automatically. "Adding Mac OS X support and more flexible delivery options to our easily-deployed Jaws PDF Courier SDK gives our Authorized System Integrator and OEM partners the most powerful, flexible and cost-effective tools available to ensure customers' job files can be produced," said Ralph Lloyd, Vice President of Product Marketing, Global Graphics Software. "Now, print providers can make controlled PDF creation and preflighting readily available to all their customers in the way that's best for them, regardless of whether they use Macs or PCs." Foolproof PDF File Submission Jaws PDF Courier is a highly configurable software development kit (SDK) that enables corporate or commercial print service providers to build and deploy a custom-branded, cost-effective PDF file submission system to their clients -- as a download from their website or delivered on a CD. It also includes functionality that permits seamless integration with browser-based applications that provide web-based job ticketing, confirmation, tracking, auditing and billing systems. The comprehensive set of software tools provided with the Jaws PDF Courier SDK enables the print provider to implement a sophisticated and easy-to-use workflow designed to provide a fast return on investment. The latest Jaws PDF Courier SDK includes all features of the previous version, including client-side Enfocus PitStop preflighting and award-winning Enfocus Certified PDF technology. The new version also includes 128-bit encryption for secure delivery on any media, a range of page sizes, improved color handling, accuracy, support for PDF1.4 and PDF/X, all of which serve to make highly automated efficient workflows a reality for virtually any print service provider and any production workflow -- from corporate in-plant and quick printing to digital printing and CTP for high-end applications. Focus on Printability The preflighting option in Jaws PDF Courier can prevent content creators from sending a file to their print provider until it passes the certification process. The software performs a thorough check of the PDF file according to settings pre-defined by the print provider, repairs most errors, and provides the users with details needed to correct any remaining errors. Because preflighting is carried out at the customer site where the original file is located, any errors can be repaired more quickly, easily and cheaply. As a result, printers receive files they can produce successfully and efficiently. The PDF files created by Jaws PDF Courier can be reviewed in soft-proof by the content creator, but they can be delivered only to the printer that provided the PDF delivery application. At the print site, these incoming PDF files can be double-checked to make sure they are still certified. Files that pass muster can be delivered confidently into the workflow. Jaws PDF Courier PDF creation and electronic delivery technology is being adopted around the world, with installations by Global Graphics Software Authorized System Integrators and print service providers in Australia/New Zealand, Europe and the United States. Platforms, Pricing and Availability Jaws PDF Courier 1.4 is available immediately to Jaws PDF Courier Authorized System Integrators and OEMs. The Client Builder application can be developed on Macintosh computers running OS 9.1 and higher and Mac OS X, as well as on PCs running Windows 98, Me, 2000, NT 4.0, and XP. The server applications run on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 systems. The Jaws PDF Courier 1.4 client and SendIt software runs on Mac OS 9.1 or higher and Mac OS X systems, as well as on Windows 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP-based systems. Pricing of the Jaws PDF Courier 1. 4 SDK is determined by Global Graphics OEMs and Jaws PDF Courier Authorized Systems Integrators. Individual print providers can determine their own end user pricing.