HP and SAVVIS Provide Media Industry with First Comprehensive Media Service Platform

Press release from the issuing company

PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 17, 2003 – HP and SAVVIS Communications today announced a significant agreement that provides the first comprehensive media services platform to companies around the world that are creating and distributing digital content. The two companies are combining their technologies, integration expertise, and managed services to create the platform, which addresses the entire workflow process, including digital content creation, management, archiving, distribution, video transport and transcoding (re-purposing video for multiple formats and audiences). An extended ‘community’ of cooperating companies can share this single platform to collaborate more effectively, accelerate the workflow, and ultimately, speed time to market -- as well as revenue. HP and SAVVIS are targeting media companies such as broadcasters, film studios, music companies, news organizations, print publishers, advertising agencies and corporate brand and creative services companies. The HP and SAVVIS Managed Media Services platform allows media companies to outsource this work – so they can focus on their core competencies. Moreover, HP and SAVVIS manage these services as an on-demand utility, so customers can purchase the services each month based on what they actually need and use. The utility model demonstrates the business benefits envisioned by the HP Adaptive Enterprise strategy. With a utility-based approach to managed services, media companies can reduce capital investment in servers, storage and communications technologies such as virtual private networks. The on-demand utility approach also enables companies to control ongoing operating expense. More broadly, companies have greater flexibility to adapt to rapid changes in business volume. “We are pleased to work with HP and SAVVIS to produce the first video-Internet screening process that integrates broadband transmissions and network solutions to deliver a worldwide and simultaneous judging system for the International Emmy competition,” said Georges Leclere, Executive Director of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, producers of the International Emmy Awards and the iEMMYs Festival. “A compelling opportunity exists for Television services that streamline and integrate these complex processes and we look forward to the delivery of the end-to-end services HP and SAVVIS are bringing to market." “Competitive pressures are driving media companies to streamline the way they push digital content to market,” said Ellen Julian, Vice President for Emerging Services Markets at IDC. “It appears that SAVVIS and HP have an attractive approach. Their shared workflow platform can help large groups of users expedite the entire process. Also, since the two companies provide the platform as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ managed utility, media companies can limit both initial and ongoing costs.“