Quad/Graphics: 100 Percent PostalOne! Certified

Press release from the issuing company

November 17, 2003 -- This fall, Quad/Graphics became the first and only printer to have our network of printing facilities 100 percent PostalOne! certified, allowing us to offer what no other printer can: a completely integrated, online postage statement verification and payment solution for business mailers, regardless of print location. PostalOne! enables us to capitalize on the U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) new, electronic capabilities for data exchange and expanded payment options, eliminating laborious, paper-intensive tasks. As a result, we provide clients with a faster, more accurate method of accepting, assessing and finalizing postage statements. Costs are minimized, as is the impact of future rate cases. What's more, we're freed to focus on servicing clients, not processing paperwork. The electronic advantage Now our Post-Press Service Representatives (PSRs) can send mail.dat files to the PostalOne! website before a print job starts, providing the information needed for verification of the shipment. And as soon as a job is completed, our PSRs can immediately forward updated mail.dat files, ensuring faster transactions, fewer delays and reduced handling costs. Not only do verification and postage payment files sent through PostalOne! speed up the entire process, clients now have convenient access – through the PostalOne! website – to tracking, delivery and report information. Setting the standard Certification went smoothly because Quad/Graphics’ systems are already centralized and standardized, according to Michele Praefke, a business resource consultant in our Distribution Business Resources group. “We did not have to start our standardization from the ground up,” Michele says. “The USPS organized the verification and postage payment sections of PostalOne! based on industry standards we’ve used for more than 10 years. And since all of our systems were already centralized, for us this has been an efficient undertaking.” Setting us apart Certification of this magnitude sets us apart from our competitors, according to Phil Thompson, a manager in our Distribution Business Resources group, and it shows Quad’s commitment to the process, our technological leadership and ability to work closely with the USPS to achieve results. “We have invested significant resources to support the development of PostalOne! for the direct benefit of our clients in terms of postage costs and planning,” Phil says. Of course, one of the greatest benefits of the reduced paperwork is the increased time PSRs can spend with clients. “Instead of filling out forms, we can add value by spending more time with customers and consulting throughout the production, start to finish,” Phil says. What our certification means to clients: Electronic documentation and postage statements for reduced hardcopy paperwork and handling costs Improved access to mailing information and job tracking Simplified mail acceptance, verification and payment processes Enhanced account management capabilities