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Speakers Set for TrendVision 2004 at GOA

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MIAMI, FLORIDA, November 14, 2003 – Renowned graphic communications industry pundit Frank Romano, along with an "A-list" of graphic arts industry and general business experts, eagerly looks forward to the inaugural TrendVision conference, the January 22 kick-off to the annual Graphics of the Americas Conference and Trade Show. TrendVision, being held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, January 22-23, will deliver what promises to be an insightful look at the most important trends that will affect the graphic communications industry in 2004 and beyond. According to TrendVision Conference Chair Frank Romano, "TrendVision is the first conference to bring together all the major ‘thinkers’ who research and analyze the printing and document industries. It is the first conference to emphasize trends as its content focus. The major question is: where is the printing industry headed? Printers and others want to get some idea so they can plan capital investments and marketing opportunities." Eleven experts armed with flawless research and insight will convene under one roof at TrendVision for two days of interactive discussions and debate designed specifically to aid in setting spending priorities -- to help attendees make key strategy and buying decisions for the next five years. CAP Venture’s Charlie Corr is utilizing a recent CAP study to speak on the increase in corporate print buying.  "Companies will need to understand the large opportunity in the personalization of direct mail. Not only is there a strong preference for direct mail, 69% of consumers prefer direct mail over telemarketing and e-mail," he says. IN3ORG Director Jack Powers’ study of societal shifts and how the next generation uses and understands new media will be at the heart of his TrendVision presentation.  "We need a new understanding of intellectual property and ethics," he says. "There are a lot of older people trying to come up with robots to catch you infringing, and more young people trying to find ways to infringe and get around it – the older ones can’t keep up." Bob Rosen, R.H. Rosen and Associates, will be speaking about the new economics for printers, and how to adapt and maintain profitability in a changing industry.  After working with CEOs from over 500 different corporations, Rosen remarks that while the industry is experiencing real pain, some have a secret: "Size is not the issue," says Rosen. "The density of utilization, how much you use your capacity, and how intensively you use your capacity, (is what) matters. "Printing economics are manufacturing economics.  In a custom manufacturing business, it is particularly true." Editor and consultant Jack Klasnic will share with attendees a glimpse into the future in "Corporate Communication Trends".  He will share the idea that the "paperless office" has been around for years, and why the concept has never adapted well. Klasnic observes, "Companies still want to make that personal contact and they can’t do it over the phone. There’s so much spam on the Internet.  It has been proven that direct mail works better than Internet spam.  Print media advertising increased by 6% because people want to communicate with people." Clemson University Department of Graphic Communications Professor, John Leininger, will be talking about variable data printing and its future in the industry: "Variable data printing is going to take off," he says. "Your mail will look better and better to you, and you won’t even know it’s happening." Professor Leininger is sharing the future of variable data printing, as he and his doctoral students have been issued a grant by 15 companies in order to educate the industry on how to use new variable data software. "Variable data printing with direct digital color machines will get direct mail to 10-40% return," Leininger says, adding that this is not a prediction, but is indeed a fact according to various research including PODI studies. Complete information, including on-line show and seminar registration, hotel reservations, airline and rental car information, and itinerary planning, is available at www.graphicsoftheamericas.com. For information on exhibiting or becoming a show sponsor, call 1-800-749-4855 x 18.