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locr Announces the Availability of Personalized VIDEOmaps

Press release from the issuing company

Personalized videos give marketers additional tools for creating an emotional connection with their audiences  

Braunschweig, Germany – locr GmbH, (www.locr.com) the world’s leading provider of personalized maps and geolocation services, today announced that video maps have been added to their growing list of solutions that enable print and marketing service providers to easily include personalized maps in all forms of marketing communications, including print, email, mobile, video, and pURLS. locr’s video maps, as well as its static personalized map solutions, will be featured in booth #4673 at PRINT 13, happening September 8 – 12, at McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois.

Print and marking service providers are well aware that personalized communications achieve better response rates for their clients. But many of these providers don’t have the wealth of customer information needed to utilize personalization or the technical expertise to create such campaigns.  locr maps solves both challenges. To include these personalized maps – either static or video - in their marketing campaigns, providers only need a recipient’s street address and the technical expertise that already exists doing personalized digital printing at their organization.

And while the maps are easy to create, the impact they can have on a marketing campaign is big. Maps generate an emotional connection with the recipient, helping them to “visualize” the journey of visiting a business or event. This connection results in higher response rates and greater customer engagement.

locr’s introduction of video maps builds on the value personalized maps bring to these marketing efforts. Again, using only the recipient’s address, print and marketing service providers can create a pURL or QR code that takes the user to a personalized map that is engaging, informative, and unique to that recipient.

Like locr’s static maps, these maps can be created in several variations. To show these variations, view these examples that were created specifically for the PRINT 13 Conference:  

VIDEOmap with dynamic zoom

These maps “zoom” the viewer into a specific location identified on the map with a logo.


VIDEOmap with routing

These maps animate the driving route the viewer would take from one location to the next, such as from an airport to a hotel.


VIDEOmap with multiple animations

These maps animate the multiple stops and transportation a user could experience on a trip. A flight, a car drive, and walking route can all be detailed in one video.


These video maps join locr’s solutions for creating static maps. Like the video maps, these static maps can be used in all forms of marketing communications, including print, email, mobile, video, and pURLS. These solutions include:

  • LOCALmaps – these are personalized local maps that detail a location, such as the logo and address of retail store. They can also detail multiple locations such as the various locations of the branches of a bank that are near a prospect’s address.
  • NAVImap – These maps provide personalized routing from one location to another, such as a map highlighting the route a businessperson would take from their home to a conference.
  • MULTImaps – These maps can include multiple single maps in one JPG-image. This type of map is helpful when guiding a user to a long destination because MULTImaps can show each step in the journey.

Rolf Richter, CEO of locr says, “Maps have a unique way of creating connections between people and places. Our maps foster that type of connection by enabling users to visualize themselves moving to a new destination – a destination that, in this case, has been provided by the marketer. When you think of the range of industries that benefit from that type of connection - tourism, automotive, events, retail stores – you can see how powerful these maps can be.”

To include static maps in their marketing campaigns, users provide street address information and business address information to locr. From this information, locr creates a JPG that is sent back to the print service provider to include in their direct marketing piece. In the case of videos, the provider again sends in the address details, and receives MPEG4 files for further use. These files can be hosted for pURL use or included in fully personalized videos.

In September, locr will be showcasing its range of solutions in booth #4673, at PRINT 13.  locr will also be participating in the Printerverse, an educational and networking haven for those involved in the graphic arts.  The Printerverse will feature a variety of ways to interact with print, including some the latest innovative technologies and applications. The Printerverse is located at booth #5440. 

View this video to learn more about personalized video maps and about locr at PRINT 13:



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