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HighWater to show Python at DRUPA

Press release from the issuing company

March 22, 2004 -- HighWater is showing the latest in violet CtP technology - Python - in Hall 9 B34. New products from HighWater at Drupa will be Python with the powerful 60mW laser and the semi-automatic model which connects directly to an on-line processor. The latest Torrent Harlequin RIP which is JDF compatible and the RIP once solution which will be outputting to the Epson 4000 proofer or PDF. Python uses internal drum technology and is capable of imaging 2-up and 4-up format plates at high speed. Printers and repro-houses will be able to take advantage of Python's imaging speed, which enables it to image a full B2 plate in less than two minutes. Python's unrivalled imaging quality gives the user the ability to output press ready plates with no spots or artefacts at screen rulings of over 200 lpi or stochastic. Python is accurate, reliable, easy to use, easy to service and maintain and will sit quietly in the corner of the bright-room, making good quality metal CtP plates up to B2 format. It's cost-effective for users and it's affordable and well packaged. Python's 60 mW violet laser system is modular for easy service and exchange, with a lifetime expectancy in excess of 600,000 plates. It is “future-proof" to the extent that it can image all the currently available violet CtP metal plate technologies (silver and photopolymer) within a single engine configuration; AGFA, Mitsubishi, Fuji and Lastra plates. The sophisticated plate clamping system means there is no hardware set-up or configuration for different plate formats. All the hard work is done in the factory, making installation and operation very straightforward. The new bridge for unloading plates automatically is an option that some users will benefit from. The design of the bridge means that the user can still choose the plates and processor they wish to use. Richard Warren, Managing Director at HighWater, said: “Once again, HighWater has developed a machine with the customer in mind. Python is fast, high quality, reliable and, most importantly for today's businesses, affordable. We have used all our previous knowledge and experience to build this system. Combining all these benefits with the low cost of ownership, Python provides affordable metal plate production with an excellent price-performance ratio." Python works with HighWater's much-acclaimed Torrent v6 Service Pack 3 and 4 RIP, which is the interpreter in the workflow, offering professionals a versatile and trusted solution. Torrent v6 represents a leap forward in RIP technology. With the introduction of full JDF compatibility, more extensive colour management features, the complete optional new in-RIP trapping engine, TrapPro Lite, and the continuing drive toward performance improvement, this new release provides more functionality and support for a wider range of input jobs than ever before. There will be two proofing options on show: one for data integrity - ROOM with PixelProof, and one for colour matching - Torrent ProofReady. PixelProof is a fully automated proofing solution providing a ROOM (RIP once output many) fast output on a dedicated PC running Windows 2000, re-combining either1 bit Tiff files or RIPped PageBuffer separations. Live to print. Visiting the HighWater Stand (Hall 9 B34) is a must for any printer attending DRUPA 2004.