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EFI Offers Advanced Color Profiling Solutions

Press release from the issuing company

FOSTER CITY, Calif. – March 17, 2004 – EFI, the world leader in digital imaging and print management solutions for commercial and enterprise printing, today introduced EFI Premium Option and the EFI Premium Suite Option software add-on tools for EFI Colorproof, EFI Screenproof and EFI PhotoXposure Proofing Solutions with Best Technology. The new options enable the calibration and linearisation of printers and the creation of paper and reference profiles to achieve the highest quality color output from laser and/or inkjet print devices. Both of the EFI Premium Options feature a new version of EFI Color Manager, which now offers support of an additional two spectrophotometers: the EFI ES-1000 and GretagMacbeth iCColor, as well as five other spectrophotometers including the EFI Best Eye, GretagMacbeth Eye-One, GretagMacbeth Spectroscan, x-rite DTP 41 and x-rite DTP 41/T. For customers without an existing measuring device, the EFI Premium Suite Option features Color Manager along with EFI Remoteproof and the EFI Best Eye spectrophotometer for comparing and measuring color values of proofs created at single or multiple locations. In addition to supporting the 928 patches from the industry standard IT8 profiling chart, both of the EFI Premium Options now also support the European Color Initiative (ECI) ECI2002R profiling chart, containing 1496 color patches, for the creation of both ICC paper and reference profiles. Another new feature is the creation of averaged profiles from a set of multiple measurements. “The new Premium Options enable our customers to reach a higher level of color quality and accuracy on their devices than ever before. We are pleased to offer support for more standards like the ECI's 2002R profiling chart and offer the ability to create more exact ICC reference profiles. The Premium Options offer invaluable and cost-effective additions to EFI's range of proofing solutions,” said Thorsten Breiding, Vice President and General Manager of EFI Proofing Solutions. The EFI Premium Option and Premium Suite Options V1.1 can be combined with either EFI Colorproof, the contone proofing solution for high quality output on inkjet and laser printers, EFI Screenproof, the accurate halftone proofing system for color and screen proofs on large-format inkjet printers, or EFI PhotoXposure, the Windows-based color management tool for digital photographers, to create a comprehensive proofing workflow. The new add-ons are available now from certified dealers and distributors worldwide.