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New binding system connects to Digimaster print system for in-line book-quality finishing

Press release from the issuing company

ROCHESTER, N.Y., March 11, 2004 -- Combining the powerful Heidelberg Digimaster print system and a new in-line binding solution will enable print providers to produce book-quality bound documents much more productively, Heidelberg announced today. Seamless connectivity between Coverbind’s 301 DFS and Digimaster 9110 and Digimaster 9150i print systems equipped with a high-capacity stacker or finisher is enabled by the Heidelberg Parallel Interface. The new Coverbind 301 DFS is a patented finishing system that produces documents that lay flat, like a book, within minutes. It is ideal for a wide range of industries, including advertising, banking and insurance. This system provides a more professional, higher-quality bind than tape-binding alternatives. Coverbind’s latest in-line document finishing system employs an edge-gluing system to ensure that all sheets drop into a solid adhesive that is reinforced with a book-binding cloth. Each cover is scored four times and then pre-folded. Covers are available in a wide variety -- from Classic“ Antique and Classic“ Imperial, to Traditional Portfolio, Ambassador and Millennium, along with custom covers. "Digimaster system customers will be able to employ Coverbind’s solution to produce bound documents with the book-like appearance of commercial perfect binding -- in-house and on-demand," said Robert Taylor, vice president, partner management and support, Heidelberg’s Digital Print Solution Center. "They’ll benefit from producing these bound booklets -- in-line -in a fraction of the time of other binding solutions." In addition, Taylor noted that independent testing has proven the binding is as strong as any perfect binding solution available on the market today. The Coverbind 301 system's key features include: - Perfect-bound documents with no trimming required - First book out time is two minutes— after initial set, the binder runs at the rated speed of the printer, with a maximum output of 1800 books per hour - Continuous run operation with auto-tray switching and load-while-running capabilities -- no mechanical changeovers needed between sizes or jobs - Versatility to bind output from other printers using the offline bypass slot - Eliminates manual labor and improves turnaround time Heidelberg’s Parallel Interface, which enables the Digimaster system connectivity, is a small black box that "talks" to the digital front end of the print system, sending an electronic signal to the marking engine about the device the piece will be finished on. It is easily programmed for full integration of the Coverbind device with the Digimaster system. The Heidelberg Parallel Interface also provides connectivity of the Digimaster to other finishing devices to support a range of applications. The Heidelberg Parallel Interface to the Coverbind system will be made available simultaneously with the availability of the Coverbind 301 DFS in June.