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AGFA: Large Newspaper Buys Violet CtP System and Workflow

Press release from the issuing company

Mortsel, Belgium – 12 March 2004 – Agfa announced that one of the largest newspaper printers in Norway, Orkla Trykk, has purchased four violet :Polaris CtP systems and the new :Arkitex NewsDrive from Agfa. Orkla Trykk expects an increase in production this year, which prompted the purchase of the Agfa systems. Since 1998, Orkla Trykk has been using Agfa's CtP equipment, including four of Agfa's :Polaris systems. The anticipated increase in production for the year made it necessary for Orkla Trykk to upgrade to Agfa's newest and faster violet CtP systems. Orkla Trykk also upgraded its current workflow with :Arkitex NewsDrive, Agfa's advanced newspaper workflow. :Arkitex helps make workflow automation simpler with advanced production planning techniques. It can easily accommodate any size operation and it integrates easily with Agfa or non-Agfa systems, allowing newspaper printers to be flexible, based on the levels of automation they need. "The new violet CtP system from Agfa has proven to be very reliable and plates are produced at high speed," said Orkla Trykk's Svein Sæbø. "Combined with Agfa's reputation for excellent support and service, Agfa's complete system approach will ensure that Orkla Trykk can live up to the increased demand for newsprint." The installation includes three :Polaris XTV systems and one :Polaris XEV, all with :Ariktex NewsDrives. They are each linked to three Nela VCP Punch & Bend units and will run Agfa's :Lithostar LAP-V plates. "We are pleased that Orkla Trykk choose Agfa's violet systems and :Arkitex NewsDrive for their expansion. When you look at what Agfa has to offer – reliability, quality and a complete system, including plates, workflow and hardware – it is clear that Agfa's solution is the wisest choice. With violet technology at the heart of the :Polaris X CtP system, Orkla Trykk is getting everything it needs and more," said Kurt Smits, director of Agfa's newspaper business.