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FlexTemplates Automate Ad Right-Sizing

Press release from the issuing company

Memphis, TN-March 2, 2004- Graphic Resource Center (GRC), developer of AdBuilderPro-the industry-leading corporate asset management technology that has been responsible for bringing unprecedented marketing control and cost savings to advertising agencies and corporate marketeers-will debut its new FlexTemplate technology at the 2004 ON DEMAND Conference & Exposition, at Javits Convention Center, New York City. This and other exciting new AdBuilderPro enhancements will be demonstrated in Booth # 2673, from March 8 through March 10, 2004. For years, graphic artists have painfully struggled at resizing ads for various media while trying to maintain original proportions of the ad's various elements. AdBuilderPro's FlexTemplate technology solves this time-consuming, re-measuring process by instantly producing right-sized advertising materials for different publications' ad specifications. FlexTemplates come in two versions-Flexible and Dynamic. Both variations function like elastic containers, allowing dynamic ad resizing simply by choosing a publication title on AdBuilderPro's browser-based drop down menu. Flexible Templates allow changing an ad's width without changing height, while Dynamic Templates allow the user to choose the publication's width as well as depth. Both Flexible and Dynamic Templates work in full concert with AdBuilderPro's SmartAssets, the Geometry Extraction Tool and the .rrd file (Relation Rule Definition). The .rrd file contains all SmartAsset properties and acts as the control matrix for all AdBuilderPro templates. When flexible templates are combined with Smart Assets, infinite ad configurations and size variations can be created in seconds. All ad dimensional change and resizing is done automatically by the flexible template software. The resized ad is then shown for approval as a low resolution on-screen PDF. Creating a base ad template is simple, and only needs to be done once. Applying rules and logic to dynamically build an ad, FlexTemplates retain all ad element attributes as dimensions are resized on the fly-greatly simplifying the ad layout process for ad agencies, corporations and dealers who need to adapt ad layouts to various publication dimensions while maintaining true ad size in proportion to column width and space requirements. "Many AdBuilderPro clients still use highly skilled people to typeset their ads. Our FlexTemplate technology automates a labor intensive process and guarantees correct alignment, spacing and adherence to ad requirements of different newspapers", according to Ed Lupo, President of GRC. Complementing the company's customer-centric philosophy, flexible templates can be easily added to all existing AdBuilderPro customer sites. Commenting on AdBuilderPro's customer care attitude, Jim Canestrari, Thomas and Betts' Marketing Communications Manager sums it up, "You do not require users to adopt new terminology and requirements, but offer elegant solutions within their existing framework. In other words, you have chosen to make the shoe fit the foot." In the interest of customer satisfaction, AdBuilderPro's latest enhancements continue to fulfill that legacy.