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Creo Leaf and Hasselblad Join Forces

Press release from the issuing company

VANCOUVER, CANADA -- February 23, 2004 -- Creo Inc. and Hasselblad, two prestigious companies known for producing the finest equipment in their fields, have cooperated to create an advanced digital-optical bond. The combination of the Hasselblad H1 camera and the Leaf Valeo 22 digital camera back has created the fastest integrated medium-format digital system. Together, Hasselblad and Leaf continue to demonstrate image excellence, system reliability, and flexibility. Made for professionals, the Hasselblad H1 Leaf Valeo 22 system is robust, fast and accurate. The elegant design complements each component. Speed... The Hasselblad-Leaf system offers technology with tangible benefits for the photographer. The auto-focus is smooth and fast, and the capture rate is the fastest at 1.2 seconds per frame. The system uses Dual Sensor Readout (DSR) technology and fast communication between lens, shutter, body, and back to enables this record-breaking performance. One System... The Hasselblad-Leaf system integrates the camera and digital back as a single unit. The digital back settings and other real-time information are displayed on the H1 grip LCD and inside the viewfinder. The LCD shows the ISO and gray balance settings, and a histogram appears instantly after each exposure. The number of shots remaining on the 10 GB Digital Magazine appears inside the viewfinder. Low battery warnings for both the camera and digital back are also displayed to provide sufficient time to change batteries. All camera controls are incorporated digitally, such as the different light metering and exposure methods, single and continuous drive modes, self-timer, and interval setting. Special exposure compensation for TTL flash is calculated automatically, according to the CCD light transmission. 645 Digital Format... The large CCD area suits 6 x 4.5 cm lens coverage. With virtually no lens magnification, true wide-angle photography is achieved. The new HC lenses are designed and manufactured by Hasselblad to match the demands of high-resolution digital photography. Portable Power... The Hasselblad-Leaf system is the only 22 megapixel medium-format digital solution that allows computer-free and cable-free photography. The Hasselblad-Leaf system features Portable Power with the Leaf DP-67, a detachable 6 x 7 cm image display that emulates a digital "Polaroid". The art director, customer, or others can view the captured images off-camera instantly on the Leaf DP-67 display. Portable Power also features the 10 GB removable Leaf Digital Magazine that holds up to 215 images in full resolution, 16-bit raw HDR format. Modularity... Hasselblad and Leaf share the same vision of modularity. All modules are removable and exchangeable: camera body, lenses, viewfinder, focusing screen, handgrip, battery holder, film back, digital back, Digital Magazine, and the Leaf DP-67. The modular system allows the photographer to define the best configuration for your way of photography, whether you're shooting products or people, in studio or on location. The modular concept also allows the user to upgrade any module without having to upgrade the entire system-an important consideration in light of today's rapidly changing economy and technology. Leaf policy guarantees an upgrade path to its latest developments, as well as free software upgrades with no time restrictions. Image Excellence... The Hasselblad-Leaf medium-format digital system captures pure, uncompressed 16-bit raw HDR files. These 126 MB HDR raw image files are captured in the finest of detail with 22 million pixels in a 645-ratio CCD sensor and the new HC lenses designed for the high-resolution digital era. Supported and enhanced with the sophisticated Leaf Capture V8 application, quality matches or surpasses the results of 4 x 5 in. film. Hasselblad and Leaf System Promotion... A promotion is available for the purchase of the Hasselblad H1 and Leaf Valeo 22 system. For more details visit http://www.creo.com/leaf or contact a Leaf representative.