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Muller Martini: Prima-Tandem Solution, Ingenious Simplicity

Press release from the issuing company

February 20, 2004 -- In the spirit of “One plus one makes three,” the novel tandem solution from Muller Martini increases the flexibility and economic efficiency of existing saddle stitcher systems. The concept was presented to about 170 interested customers on the occasion of an open house event at the manufacturer’s training center in Oftringen from November 4 - 6, 2003. This exciting innovation from Muller Martini is based on two individually operating Prima Plus saddle stitchers. Each machine is used separately in the case of jobs with few signatures. For a job or jobs with many signatures, the two saddle stitchers are linked with the new Tandem Connection Element. The system is thereby also suitable for producing periodicals with high signature counts without the need for a dedicated lay machine. Coupling Two Saddle Stitchers In practice, it can go something like this: two saddle stitchers are operating independently of one another and different products are produced at the same time. All of a sudden, a customer unexpectedly requests the production of an extensive product with many signatures. Whereas the manufacturer previously would have had to produce such jobs in two time-consuming passes or even decline the jobs altogether, today that is no longer any problem with the tandem solution. Both saddle stitchers can be run out, switched over to tandem mode with the push of a button and production can be run via the Tandem Connection Element on a complete long line with all available feeders from both machines. Changeover with Amrys Thanks to the automatic size set-up with the Amrys system, very short set-up and changeover times can be achieved. Furthermore, the data from the interrupted jobs can be saved, thanks to the Amrys memory, so that the previous production can be rapidly restarted. “One Plus One Makes Three!” With the new Tandem Connection Element, users are able to economically produce the most extensive products without having to make the considerable investment for a high-performance saddle stitcher with many stations. Simultaneously, the flexibility of two individual machines, such as the Prima Plus, for example, is retained. With a Prima Tandem system, jobs can be scheduled with more flexibility, as the combination of two saddle stitchers increases the output potential and enables shorter delivery times. All data is CIP4 compatible, allowing the system to be integrated into the existing workflow. Prestitching Saves Time and Money An important characteristic of the Prima Plus Tandem is that products can be separately prestitched inline. This takes place on this first line before the signatures of the main product are gathered and stitched. For example, a TV program magazine or self-contained advertising piece can be prestitched in this manner. Both products are subsequently processed together. A book within a book, which opens a wide variety of applications at the same time, reduces manufacturing steps. This reduces the manufacturing process with a stitched insert by one work step. High product quality is also guaranteed with the tandem version. At production start, the feeders are activated in sequence, as when operating two saddle stitchers individually, and deactivated in the same manner at the end of production. The Copy Control recognizes misfeeds and prevents signature from feeding on the subsequent feeders. This reduces waste to a minimum. The gathered products are calipered with the "Semko“ thickness-measuring device and checked for completeness. Additional quality controls, such as skew and long book control, stitch and trim monitor as well as the Asir optical signature image recognition control guarantee perfect products. The system advantages of the tandem solution have already been known for some time in the Asian region. 15 Prima Tandem systems are in successful operation there. Now, there are the first three installations in Europe: Belgium, Germany and Great Britain. Tandem Solution The Advantages of the Tandem Solution: Highest flexibility when coordinating the most varied jobs…resulting in short delivery times. Two individual saddle stitchers or one complete system…and thereby an even greater output potential. A multitude of (freely selectable) feeders. A personnel and space saving solution (as measured by the multifaceted production possibilities). The option of processing separately stitched products together with the main product – this saves a work step.