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Jetrion Introduces New Low-Temperature UV Inkjet Inks

Press release from the issuing company

Ann Arbor, MI (February 19, 2004) – Jetrion LLC today announces its new low-temperature UV inkjet inks for drop-on-demand (DOD) applications. The new inks were designed to offer important performance and production benefits to inkjet printer manufacturers and to commercial printers and converters. The low-viscosity inks require no heating in the printhead before use, enabling manufacturers to develop simpler, lower-cost inkjet printing systems for UV inkjet technologies. Commercial printers and converters using these high-performing inks gain the flexibility to print on a wide range of heat-sensitive substrates such as plastics, films, foils, metal sheeting, and paperboard. “Digital printers and printer manufacturers are increasingly turning to UV inkjet technologies to meet customer needs and expand into new markets,” says Ken Stack, president of Jetrion. “In formulating low-temperature UV inks, Jetrion is helping printer manufacturers reduce time-to-market of new products by reducing the design complexity of their UV ink delivery systems.” The six-color, pigment-based inks were developed using the proprietary chemistries of Flint Ink’s UV ink formulations and Jetrion’s own in-depth knowledge of inkjet inks and digital printing technology. They deliver enhanced runnability, adhesion, fade-resistance, and color gamut, while providing effective curing under a range of UV lamp alternatives. In addition, the low viscosity of these inks promotes better adhesion to non-porous substrates, making them ideal for such applications as printing billboards, films, metallic containers, and even decorative printing.  “Using low-temperature, low-viscosity inkjet inks also creates significant production efficiencies for end-users,” adds Stack. “These inks offer good stability, longer running times and reduced gel formation in the printhead, helping prolong the life of inkjet printing systems.” Jetrion’s low-temperature UV inkjet inks are the first in a series of UV inkjet inks to be introduced based on its low-viscosity technology platform. This proprietary technology offers the flexibility to add performance-enhancing components to the inks to address the unique requirements of customers, without compromising runnability. Currently, high-performing formulations are available for Xaar and Konica printheads, with a Spectra version in development. Manufactured at the company’s ISO 9001:2000 certified facility, Jetrion inkjet products are run through a rigorous qualification process, including extensive end-user trials to ensure the greatest levels of compatibility and performance.  Jetrion introduced the new inks during its educational presentation at the Information Management Institute’s (IMI) UV Inkjet Developers Symposium in early February. The presentation focused on the unique benefits of UV inkjet printing, new digital printing capabilities made possible by these inks, and optimal integration of UV inkjet ink technologies. A copy of the presentation is available for download on Jetrion’s website: www.jetrion.com.