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Fujifilm Introduces ColourKit Profiler Suite v4.0

Press release from the issuing company

HANOVER PARK, Ill. (October 17, 2003) – As printers and prepress shops continue to implement higher levels of color management, Fujifilm continues to provide them with the tools they need to remain competitive and today announced the availability of the new ColourKit Profiler Suite v4.0 color profiling software. ColourKit v4.0 is a full-featured suite of applications, allowing users to make, edit and process color profiles. ColourKit v4.0 was developed in accordance with the new version 4 ICC specifications, for the creation of ICC color profiles for use with input and output devices and allowing you to edit already created profiles. The ICC profiling software is available in several modules that can be purchased as a suite or individually as a customer’s needs expand. The full suite includes the profile-making and profile-editing modules for the monitor, camera and scanner as well as for RGB and CMYK output. An image processor and image editor can also be purchased separately. “Once you take the first step, you’ll see the benefits and want to color manage more of the process,” says Eric Neumann, Enovation’s assistant product manager for Fujifilm color management products “Fujifilm offers tools for all steps in the workflow, which can be implemented all at once or added over time.” ColourKit v4.0 features a user-friendly, “wizard-based” interface to step both novice and expert users through the profile-making process. Advanced users are given additional options to improve and verify profile quality. A common interface and application switcher allows users to quickly move between the modules. ColourKit v4.0 also has one of the most extensive sets of profile editing tools available, tools that allow comprehensive editing of both input and output profiles as well as editing of both RGB and CMYK image types. Many of the editor tools have legacy technology that has evolved from the company’s extensive experience with early drum scanners, including some of the most advanced unsharp masking techniques available. “The quality of the final image is directly related to the quality of the profiles, but the application or workflow that makes the color conversions is as equally important. Many applications rely on default color management modules (CMM) at the system level to handle this, while other applications use custom-tailored CMMs,” continues Neumann. “ColourKit uses the standard Apple CMM coupled with the ColourKit image processor module to account for many issues that the standard CMM overlooks, including such things as USM, black generation, white and black point adjustments and resampling.” Fujifilm’s ColourKit v4.0 is compatible with Macintosh OSX and Windows 2000/XP and features support for the EyeOne spectrophotometer and improved support for inkjet profiles. For more information on ColourKit v4.0 or to download a free 14-day, fully functional demo visit the official ColourKit website at www.colorprofiling.com.