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Fuji Xerox Issues Sustainability Report 2011

Press release from the issuing company

"Create, Connect, into the Future"

TOKYO, - Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. today issued the English edition of Sustainability Report 2011, putting together corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives by the company and its affiliates in FY2010.

Under the theme "Create, Connect, into the Future", this year's Sustainability Report aims to share Fuji Xerox's challenges to realize future that creates values with its stakeholders, as well as to enhance its activities by listening to readers' opinions.

Features of the Sustainability Report 2011

With a focus on the Asia-Pacific region, the Report details global CSR initiatives that Fuji Xerox has implemented.

The section "Fuji Xerox CSR Activities Throughout the Value Chain" describes its major activities in each value chain from procurement to manufacturing and marketing, as Fuji Xerox recognizes the importance of having its stakeholders in mind in implementing CSR initiatives in all aspects of corporate activities.

The Report has a section on what Fuji Xerox learned from its responses to the Great East Japan Earthquake, and how it will leverage its experience for future CSR initiatives.

Outlines of the Sustainability Report 2011

1.Top Commitment

Tadahito Yamamoto, Fuji Xerox president and representative director, shares his ironclad commitment to CSR management, perceiving CSR as value creation that will affect the future of Fuji Xerox and the society. Using the key phrase "360-degree sustainability", he describes the management stance of persistently exploring how the company can create new values for society across the entire value chain, through the company's activities to provide products and services as well as its ethical procurement and environmental management.


This section introduces Fuji Xerox's case studies to resolve social challenges in various regions to realize "Create, Connect, into the Future".
Highlight 1: Achieving Real Green for Our Customers

Highlight 1 features the initiatives that Fuji Xerox engineers enthusiastically took to contribute to mitigation of environmental load at customers' offices, based on the ideal office they identified.

Highlight 2: Tackling Local Problems with Global Knowledge

Introducing the Asia Pacific Sustainability Project by Fuji Xerox's International Business Group and the initiatives by Malaysia Operations, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd., this section examines how the affiliates can mutually share and leverage CSR perspectives and experiences, and how Fuji Xerox can work with customers in actualizing sustainable society.

Highlight 3: Seeking Win-Win Solutions for Fuji Xerox Australia and Local Communities

This section introduces the initiatives of Fuji Xerox Australia, which works as a member of local society in assisting the development of young children who are the future leaders of society, and providing a valuable place of self development for employees as a form of contribution to local society.

3.Ongoing Initiatives

This section reports about Fuji Xerox's focal ongoing initiatives for; 1. ethical procurement, 2. curbing global warming and, 3. manufacturing products with zero landfill. In addition, it features information on the company's participation and its practices for the UN Global Compact.

4.CSR Initiatives by Our Affiliates Around the World

At Fuji Xerox affiliates, executives and employees are coming to grips with issues in their local communities and putting into practice CSR initiatives that meet those ends. This section introduces various initiatives underway at these affiliates.

5.What We Have Learned From Our Responses to the Great East Japan Earthquake

In this section, Tdahito Yamamoto, Fuji Xerox president and representative director, shares his experiences and what he has learned through the company's responses to the earthquake. Also, Atsuhiko Sosui, president of Fuji Xerox Miyagi Co., Ltd., looks back his experiences as the top of a sales company based in the affected area, Miyagi.

6.Status of Key CSR Initiatives

This section reports Fuji Xerox's monitoring and reviewing system to reflect society's and stakeholders' opinions to its management, as well as its performance over the years in a quantitative approach by each stakeholder group.

7.Third Party Opinion

Toshihiko Fujii, consulting fellow, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry, offers his opinion on Fuji Xerox's CSR activities and this Report.

Structure of the Sustainability Report 2011

Fuji Xerox's Sustainability Report 2011 consists of the brochure and Website , which has detailed Stakeholder Summary in addition to the brochure's contents. The brochure is issued in Japanese, English and Chinese, while the Website in Japanese and English.


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