Norm Thompson Expands Relationship With Quad Graphics

Press release from the issuing company

October 6, 2003 -- (QG) -- Quad/Graphics' partnership with Norm Thompson Outfitters has recently expanded to include the majority of the specialty retailer's print business. Under a new three-year contract, we'll produce nearly 90 million Norm Thompson, Early Winters and Solutions catalogs annually. Known for its high-quality merchandise, including casual and outdoor clothing, unique gifts and gourmet foods, Norm Thompson Outfitters has built its business on innovation and the ability to deliver its customers a quality product. As such, Quad/Graphics makes the ultimate business partner, according to Becky Jewett, president of Norm Thompson Outfitters. "Quad employees have always struck me as highly professional, very competent and extremely customer oriented," says Ms. Jewett. "There does not seem to be a problem that they can’t solve. … Quad/Graphics always strives for excellence and holds a strategic view of printing and what it takes to evolve successfully as technology and the marketplace continue to change." In addition to superior print services, Norm Thompson benefits from our money-saving Co-Mail program through which we merge together the mailstreams of Norm Thompson's three titles to create one large-volume mailstream capable of achieving finer presorts and larger postal discounts. Norm Thompson also takes advantage of Parcel Direct - our parcel-expediting division - to ship a large percentage of its customers’ orders.