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Esko-Graphics PlateDriver platesetters are certified for Fujifilm Brillia LP-NV plates

Press release from the issuing company

Kennesaw, GA – January 29, 2004 - Esko-Graphics, the market leader in CtP and packaging solutions, and Fuji Photo Film Co., LTD., Tokyo are pleased to announce that Fujifilm Brillia LP-NV plates are now certified for use with Esko-Graphics PlateDriver platesetters. The certification is valid for 30mW violet laser versions of the PlateDriver 4, PlateDriver 8, and PlateDriver 8 HS platesetters. Enovation Graphic Systems Inc. will be the primary distributor for the Fujifilm Brillia LP-NV in the U.S. market. The Brillia LP-NV violet photopolymer plate for commercial print, is Fujifilm’s first violet plate designed for optimum performance on platesetters using a 30mW violet laser. The plate provides consistent press performance and enables long run lengths of up to 200,000 impressions (1,000,000 impressions baked) for high quality commercial print applications. Violet technology allows operators to handle and load the Brillia LP-NV plate in FV 30yellow safe light conditions, eliminating the need for darkroom environments. This means that users can operate in similar conditions to those currently being used in analog platemaking. By reducing the effects of flare, Fujifilm has improved both the exposure latitude and image quality from internal drum platesetters. Tested to Fujifilm’s stringent standards, the Brillia LP-NV gives sharp and precise dot formation, less dot gain and clear reproduction of fine dots, lines and finely composed fonts. Utilizing its FreeBeam optics, the Esko-Graphics’ popular PlateDriver platesetter is equipped with a 30mW violet diode laser for silver halide or photopolymer plates. All PlateDrivers provide printers many flexible options. The PlateDriver can be upgraded to a PlateDriver HS (high speed), delivering a staggering 29 (30.3” x 40.6”) plates/hour at 2400dpi and 42 plates/hour at 1200dpi. Customers have the choice of purchasing either a 4-up or an 8-up model, as well as selecting from an unlimited number of register systems. All PlateDriver models load, expose and punch plates in landscape as well as portrait mode. Its linear motor enables metric as well as inch (imperial)-based output resolutions, allowing the PlateDriver to work with any CtP workflow system, such as Esko-Graphics’ FastLane and FlowDrive for commercial printing – as well as other workflows, receiving RIPped pages using the Direct-TIFF option. The PlateDriver Automatic features a fully automatic plate loading and plate processing capability, holding as many as 500 plates in five different sizes simultaneously on-line. The PlateDriver Semi loads plates manually, one or two at a time, providing high-end quality and productivity at a cost-effective price point. Plate unloading and plate processing is still fully automatic with the PlateDriver Semi. “We are pleased the 30mW models of Esko-Graphics’ PlateDriver are authorized for use with Fujifilm Brillia LP-NV plates,” remarks John Meyer, director of product management, Enovation Graphic Systems. Jim Crawford, group manager, output media for Fujifilm graphic arts products at Enovation, states, “The certification agreement opens the door to allow Enovation to provide Fujifilm LP-NV plates to a much wider installation base of photopolymer platesetters. This cooperation is a good step forward in violet technology popularity.” “Fujifilm was one of the innovators of violet photopolymer plates for commercial printing, and our tests have shown exceptional results through our PlateDriver,” notes Mark Vanover, Esko-Graphics North American director of marketing. “We are thrilled to receive Fujifilm’s certification for Brillia LP-NV plates, which we believe confirms the PlateDriver’s exceptional imaging capabilities.”