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PM Solutions becomes first Scottish printer to employ Digimaster 9110 print system

Press release from the issuing company

Janaury 27, 2004 -- When Ron Davidson, managing director of PM Solutions, decided to upgrade the digital equipment in his secure mailing company, he wanted to make sure he'd get more than just a box ó he needed assurances of after-sale support. Davidson achieved that and more by selecting Heidelberg's Digimaster 9110 print system for his company located in Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city. "Installing the equipment before there was enough support in Scotland would have been like the tail wagging the dog," Davidson recalled. "Heidelberg recognized that and installed the machine when they had service and support engineers in place to make for a seamless transition from our previous digital equipment. And it has been absolutely brilliant. Heidelberg's service has been wonderful from day one." Digimaster Press Helps Build Business In fact, from day one, Davidson knew exactly what he needed for his five-person establishment, which produces as many as 80,000-plus impressions a day and specializes in variable data print work for companies that require transactional billing, secure documents, invoicing and individualized statements. "I switched to the Digimaster system because I want to build my business," Davidson said. "The Digimaster 9110 device opens up more avenues and opportunities for us. As a young company, we pride ourselves in handling small to medium size jobs that a lot of larger companies turn away. We treat customers as individuals and we meet their unique needs. Having reliable, high-quality machines like the Digimaster print system is essential to our success." The Heidelberg digital black-and-white device's image quality has also opened up more options for PM Solutions' customers. "Our biggest customer was so impressed with the quality of the Digimaster system that he decided to go with black and white for their annual report instead of color. The pictures and the quality are just outstanding," he said. As a one-stop shop, PM Solutions offers complete services from development work, processing printing and inserting documents into envelopes. "The Digimaster device is very user-friendly," Davidson said. "A lot of digital printers tend to have a long paper path. The Heidelberg machine has a very short paper path, and that helps it operate very efficiently. "One of the most critical aspects of digital printing is finishing," Davidson observed. "With the high quality and flexibility of Heidelberg's integrated finishing options, set-up changes we are able to are automated set-up changes upfront ó without operator intervention. Size, imposition and image adjustments are done automatically within seconds and are less cumbersome than other machines." Added PM Solutions Production Manager Keith Wright, "The Digimaster system is a superb device. There are many features that are more advanced than its competitors. The paper feeder uses suction rather than friction, which means we can use any substrate, including high gloss paper or card stocks, without it slipping. The short paper track means there is less curling and the paper can be located much easier." Davidson also believes that Heidelberg's high level of support has shown him the commitment to help his business succeed. "Heidelberg is very attentive. Tuesday is one of our busier days and we called Heidelberg to let them know. The company agreed to send over an engineer on Monday, just to make sure the machine was operating at optimum performance," Davidson recalled. "When the engineer went on holiday, Heidelberg flew in someone from London, to ensure that we were covered. You couldn't ask for anything more than that." It appears that other Scottish printers are quickly catching on. Since Heidelberg installed its first Scotland-based Digimaster systems at PM Solutions earlier this year, four more Digimaster print systems have been placed in the country.