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BCC Software to Offer Enhanced Merge/Purge as a Premium Option

Press release from the issuing company

Rochester, NY—BCC Software, the leading developer of high performance software and solutions for professional mailers, announces the upcoming addition of Enhanced Merge/Purge for its flagship product, Mail Manager 2010TM. Using Enhanced Merge/Purge — available beginning in April 2004 as a premium Mail Manager 2010 option — mailers will be able to easily compare, merge, and update information from any number of source lists and exclude data from any number of suppression lists into a single duplicate-free output list. When assembling a promotional mailing, mailers are often faced with the challenge of combining mailing lists from several sources into a single output list with duplicate records (either within a list or across lists) removed. Just as frequently, mailers must make sure the mailed list excludes names that may be included in other lists (such as “Do Not Mail” lists or lists of existing customers). The Enhanced Merge/Purge option provides these capabilities and more to the robust and user-friendly Mail Manager 2010 product. The effectiveness of any merge/purge software is measured by its ability to identify similar records. Using proven phonetic and pattern-matching logic, Mail Manager 2010’s Enhanced Merge/Purge option offers operators the choice of determining matches based on a built-in library of match criteria, or with a user-specified criteria feature that dramatically increases record-identification functionality. Customizable tables allow matches even among textually dissimilar records: nicknames (Elizabeth/Betty, Robert/Bob) inconsistent abbreviations (Junior/Jr., Captain/Capt.) and more. When duplicate records are identified, users can establish priorities to determine which records are to be included or excluded from the final list. For example, a user may specify that records from one list provider are to be favored over those of another. “Mail Manager 2010 already includes duplicate detection and merge/purge functionality, but those built-in features are restricted to separate operations,” says BCC President and Chief Executive Officer K. Jon Runstrom.. “The Enhanced Merge/Purge option performs these tasks in a single operation, while adding new flexibility and control that cannot be found in an integrated, reasonably priced, mailing program.” Mail Manager 2010’s Enhanced Merge/Purge option has comprehensive reporting capabilities, including a Duplicate Matrix Report and such advanced features as specifying intersection lists (names must be included in two or more lists to be included in the output list) and a “householding” feature that can combine different individuals at the same address into a single output record. Pricing BCC’s Enhanced Merge/Purge option is $1,500, with special discounts available to existing Mail Manager 2010 users until July 31, 2004.