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New Report by CAP Ventures Profiles Spectrum of Color Management Software Tools

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(Norwell, MA) January 28, 2003… As with all components of the print production workflow, the digital revolution presents unforeseen control and management challenges for document generators and producers. Nowhere is this more apparent than when one is dealing with color. In a new CAP Ventures report entitled Production Workflow Solutions Product Compendium: Color Management, analysts provide a high-level overview of color management technology, the software applications available, and vendor descriptions. Prior to desktop publishing, color printing occurred on closed systems where all the components of the process were integrated and calibrated to control the final output. The advent of desktop publishing brought about the existence of open systems composed of diverse components from a variety of vendors, all of which interpreted and managed color differently. As a result, what you saw was not always what you got with it came to digital color output. The discrepancies in color control created the need for color management systems, a collection of hardware and software tools designed to reconcile the color capabilities of the diverse components of a color digital print system. Its goal is to ensure consistent, predictable color throughout the print production process. Color management tools cover the spectrum, and include straightforward plug-and-play programs that enable the user to profile the proofing, scanning, or viewing process, high-end systems that provide utilities for managing and controlling the entire workflow, component calibration using sophisticated measurement devices, and color space mapping and matching. Entry-level programs are for users who want to improve color output quality but are not interested in having complete control over the color management process. Higher-end programs are for users who what greater control over color calibration, editing, production, and management. CAP Ventures’ Color Management Compendium is the eighth in a series of Compendiums. The Compendiums are a comprehensive resource for print service providers seeking information about software tools and infrastructure for printing and print-related services. Each Compendium provides a description of the product category, focusing on those features and considerations that are of the greatest importance to print providers and the print production workflow. The documents also offer a brief description of the products within each category, a discussion of how the various products within each category are positioned in relation to each other, and vendor profiles. The Compendium is structured into 11 product categories: 1. Digital Personalization Applications 2. e-Business Infrastructure 3. PDF Workflow 4. Datastream Transformation 5. Business Process Management and Control 6. Content Technologies 7. Preflighting 8. Color Management 9. Data Mining and Data Cleansing 10. Soft Proofing 11. Scanning and Make-Ready The Color Management Compendium is available immediately to clients of CAP Ventures’ Production Workflow Solutions Consulting Service. To learn more about the Compendium series or to make a purchase, please contact Stewart MacDonald at (781) 871-9000, ext. 175 or [email protected]