BrainStream Relies on XMPie to Simplify Workflow and Speed 1:1 Production

Press release from the issuing company

New York, NY, September 28, 2003—XMPie, a leading provider of software solutions for creating highly effective one-to-one, cross-media marketing campaigns, today announced that BrainStream Digital Services has selected XMPie’s PersonalEffect for developing and executing dynamic, one-to-one, cross-media publishing solutions. BrainStream Digital Services provides a wide range of digital document solutions from color and black and white variable data printing to content and asset management, as well as archiving services. BrainStream plans to rely solely on XMPie’s solution for their client’s variable data needs and, over time, offer PersonalEffect’s cross-media capabilities to their customer base as well. "XMPie’s PersonalEffect was far superior than other products we’ve looked at or used, in that it integrates quite well with existing authoring applications that we use internally,” said Jay Cappis, CTO of BrainStream Printing. “In addition, we are able to easily generate follow-up mailings, with different designs, reusing the same business rules and data, all in a fraction of the time it would have taken us using other applications.” Headquartered in Houston, Texas, BrainStream Digital Services serves one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country. BrainStream provides electronic job submission, complete document management solutions, variable print applications, large format printing, and Litigation Documentation Service (LDS). BrainStream will be using PersonalEffect to drive their Xerox Docucolor 6060 and 2045— as well as a soon to be delivered Docucolor iGen3. This will, allow them to leverage their client’s information resources for producing highly customized and personalized marketing campaigns.       “BrainStream Digital Services is an innovative marketing services and digital printer. They mastered our solution rather quickly and started putting it to commercial use immediately during the initial installation and training phase” said Jacob Aizikowitz, founder, acting CEO, and President of XMPie. “I am confident that at this rate, they will see a high-degree of customer satisfaction and an impressive ROI on their purchase of XMPie PersonalEffect.”