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Microdynamics Group Reports High Satisfaction with Exstream's Dialogue

Press release from the issuing company

September 25, 2003 -- Exstream Software, Inc. announced positive reports from Microdynamics Group, Naperville, IL, a satisfied user of its Dialogue software. Microdynamics, an innovative provider of invoice and statement processing and e-statement productions for some of the nation's largest corporations and financial institutions, is implementing Dialogue as its software of choice. Providing design through delivery of all types of statements and invoices, Microdynamics Group is using Dialogue to redesign customer statements and invoices to include highly targeted marketing campaigns and informational messages that build brand loyalty. The company has also reduced processing time by as much as one-third due to Dialogue's ease of use and open architecture. Flexibility, performance, four-color capabilities and compatibility with existing infrastructure were cited as key drivers in Microdynamics' selection of Dialogue. Dialogue's Campaign Management module is making it possible for Microdynamics to offer personalized documents that utilize the white space as valuable real estate for inserting marketing and informational messages targeted to specific customer profiles. Campaign messages include variable text, charts, imported images, and more. These 1:1 messages are dynamically incorporated into the document at run time, expediting time to market. Additionally, the ability to migrate applications from the mainframe to a server-based operation using Dialogue is reducing processing time for many applications from 15 hours to two hours. And Dialogue's extended enterprise capability allows Microdynamics' customers the flexibility to independently design and develop content for their own statements and send the files to the company for dynamic inclusion in the production delivery process, saving additional time and expense. “Dialogue's robust features provide countless advantages in helping us achieve our goal to be an innovative solutions provider to our customers,” said Tom Harter, Jr., vice president, sales and marketing at Microdynamics. “We selected the software because it was so well thought out from a data flow standpoint. It makes it possible for us to focus on the overall quality of every invoice and statement we produce. We live in a high-speed environment where we need to present solutions to our customers that help them gain a competitive edge. Dialogue makes it possible for us to do just that.” Microdynamics is also taking full advantage of Dialogue's “design once, deliver anywhere” capability, which again saves time and increases productivity since the original document design does not have to be changed in order to support new delivery channels— whether that's a different printer (color, black & white, or highlight), electronic presentment through the Internet, Fax or an archive system. Going forward, Microdynamics plans to utilize Dialogue's color capabilities with a recently installed Scitex VersaMark Vantage four-color inkjet variable press to integrate real-time four-color graphics, pie charts and messages into statements and invoices at very high speeds, creating additional business opportunities. “Microdynamics Group has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to providing innovative solutions to its customers,” said Davis Marksbury, president and CEO of Exstream Software. “Dialogue is the perfect technology for supporting the company's mission to offer document creation services at a highly customized level. We are always pleased to be part of such a forward-thinking environment.”