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TBC Color Imaging Purchases iGen3

Press release from the issuing company

TETERBORO, N.J.--Sept. 25, 2003-- TBC Color Imaging has purchased a DocuColor iGen3(TM) Digital Production Press from Xerox Corporation to help fuel additional growth in its expanding digital color printing business and complete its transition from a prepress service provider to a full-service digital printer. The company, which in October 2002 became one of the early customer test sites for the DocuColor iGen3, aims to increase monthly print volume on the digital press to 600,000 pages by year's end, up from the 400,000 pages per month today. The DocuColor iGen3 is helping address a dramatic shift in business for TBC. In 2001, prepress services -- including film output, blueprints, matchprints and file setup -- accounted for nearly 80 percent of TBC's total revenue; today, digital printing is responsible for more than 70 percent. The DocuColor iGen3 is helping TBC continue that growth by providing unmatched print speeds and helping it produce a wider range of applications including on-demand digital books, full-color postcards and brochures, and, in the future, personalized direct mail pieces. For example, TBC recently completed a digital book run of 113,000 pages - a job that came in late in the day on a Thursday and was delivered to the client the following Monday - without requiring TBC to operate night or weekend shifts. According to Chad Logan, vice president, TBC, "We wouldn't have been able to take on a job like this without the speed of the DocuColor iGen3." "We have so much confidence in the reliability of this machine -- it just keeps on going," said Logan. "When we print a job on the DocuColor iGen3, our customers know that we are able to take those seemingly impossible turnaround times, meet their deadline, and the output will look amazing." "Clients are demanding that their books or direct-mail campaigns be produced quickly and in full color, without sacrificing quality," said Mark Waxenberg, vice president and general manager, Xerox Production Solutions Business Unit. "The DocuColor iGen3 is engineered to meet and often exceed those demands, and allows commercial print professionals to take on jobs they would normally have to turn down." The 100 page-per-minute DocuColor iGen3 offers capabilities that traditional offset presses can't: short print runs, quick job turnarounds and personalized printing in which content varies from one page to the next, creating documents that contain text and images tailored to the interests or requirements of a single person. TBC investigated equipment from competitors but said the Xerox DocuColor iGen3 surpassed other systems in terms of sheet flexibility, speed, ability to duplex heavy stocks, and image quality and consistency. According to Logan, the advanced capabilities of the press, along with "outstanding support" from a Xerox SmartPress Production Consultant, are helping TBC secure new business. The consultant spent time on-site at TBC to ensure the company took maximum advantage of the DocuColor iGen3's capabilities, and to assist in identifying volume-building and revenue-generating opportunities. "This was the best thing Xerox did for us," Logan said. "The consultant's help was invaluable, and we became accustomed to the press quickly, which was really important to our business." TBC Color Imaging, which has been a Xerox customer since 2001, has 15 employees and currently operates a Xerox DocuColor 12 copier-printer and DocuColor 2060 digital color press, in addition to the Xerox DocuColor iGen3. Along with digital printing, the company also specializes in design, wide-format printing, displays and custom variable solutions.