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Webcom To launch $12 million BookFWD Program using HP Inkjet Web Press Technology

Press release from the issuing company

Toronto, ON – Webcom today announced details of a $12-million investment in a new production program called BookFWD that will help transform the way its publishing customers print and manage the distribution of books, directories and catalogs. Central to the new BookFWD program is Webcom's decision to install HP Inkjet Web Press printing technology.

BookFWD is a comprehensive production program that introduces publishers to cost savings at all stages of the production cycle.  The program will be anchored by the October 4th installation of the HP T300 Inkjet Web Press, which will be used for printing text pages and coupled with the recently installed HP Indigo 7000 for producing covers.  These core presses are complemented by investments in additional technology and finishing equipment.

"Book publishers are challenged in many ways - from demanding time constraints, to evolving environmental considerations, to new e-product investments. The most critical determinant of a publisher's ability to successfully navigate these challenges is improving the financial returns of their printed product," said Webcom President, Mike Collinge. "Webcom's BookFWD investments leverage breakthrough inkjet technologies, streamlined workflow and unique bookbinding systems to significantly reduce the costs associated with printed books. Inventory, distribution and production costs can all be reduced."     

The HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press helps take digital productivity to new heights through its unprecedented combination of robustness, productivity, uncompromising colour and print quality. Its high volume capacity of up to 70 million pages per month reduces cost, making the technology efficient for print runs of thousands or hundreds of copies.  The HP Inkjet Web Press is compatible with a wide range of paper types and weights, including uncoated offset stock, coated and groundwood papers.

In addition to the HP T300 Web Press and recently installed HP Indigo 7000, Webcom has invested in the Magnum Flexbook system, the latest workflow pre-press technologies, in which all books feed into two new top-of-the-line binders scheduled for installation in the months to follow.

Magnum Manufacturing has been working closely with HP to complete the development of Flexbook system, which will bolt-on to the HP T300, marking just the second installation of this revolutionary book block system worldwide.  The new bindery lines will add the latest in PUR gluing technology and automation to reduce make-ready time and spoilage by more than 90% on each book project.

"The common theme across each piece of equipment is revolutionary technology that integrates the workflow for a highly streamlined and automated process," said Collinge.  "This powerful combination will be remarkable for its efficiency and its overall technological advancement of the printing industry. Savings to the environment run deep with reduced waste, VOC emissions and energy consumption of the HP presses, bindery systems and workflow technology."

Webcom's BookFWD program is comprised of several models specifically designed to help trade, educational and reference publishers overcome their most pressing business challenges.  Programs will be customized for each publisher making the most of modules such as STEPfwd for shorter print runs, FASTfwd for quick turnaround and STRAIGHTfwd for simplified pricing models.  Each application is integrated with a BALANCEfwd value solution that addresses workflow, longer print runs, online complements and environmental impact.

"We are witnessing a transformation in the publishing industry, enabled by technologies such as the HP T300," said Aurelio Maruggi, vice president and general manager, Inkjet High-speed Production Solutions, HP. "Webcom's decision to use the HP T300 as part of its innovative BookFWD program will enable its customers to reduce waste and gain efficiencies as well as help them boost profits."