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XMPie launches first hosted e-communication solution

Press release from the issuing company

New York – XMPie Hosted e-Media Express Edition, an entry-level version of PersonalEffect e-Media delivered as a subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, is now available from XMPie, the leading provider of software for cross-media, variable data one-to-one marketing. This offering is XMPie's first entry into cloud-based services, and marks the first time users have access to a hosted e-communication solution that provides digital, online integration with print capabilities.

"Based on customer feedback and seeing the growing trends of e-communications, we've developed a hosted solution that enables the creation of personalized websites and e-mail with the ability to connect to variable data print (VDP)," said Jacob Aizikowitz, president, XMPie. "Leveraging our unique Interactive Content Port (ICP) technology, we enhanced our desktop VDP offerings to allow for an online connection to the data and rules of a cloud-hosted e-media campaign. With Hosted e-Media Express, our customers not only have an on-ramp into the world of cross-media, but can travel an integrated highway as well."

XMPie Hosted e-Media Express manages all non-print campaign functionalities – e-mail, PURLs, Web and campaign analysis – which are delivered through a SaaS model. The print (VDP) functionalities are typically delivered through XMPie's desktop-level solutions, such as uDirect and uCreate. Users of Hosted e-Media Express can upload records from a desktop data source, such as an Excel spreadsheet, to a database managed by the service on the cloud, making the data available for online media use. This streamlines the process of migrating from a desktop-based variable data campaign to a synchronized, one-to-one cross-media campaign.

Hosted e-Media Express can also act as a data and logic hub for remote, desktop locations that can link to a hosted port. For example, an agency creating a cross-media campaign can manage the data, rules, and the Web or e-mail elements through their Hosted e-Media Express. Simultaneously, freelance designers can remotely link to the campaign's information from their InDesign desktop with an XMPie uDirect plug-in and review their designs with real data.

As a hosted, subscription-based offering, Hosted e-Media Express provides several other advantages, including:
- An affordable pre-paid usage plan with several levels to choose from depending on anticipated e-mail and RURL volume;
- Unique XMPie Wizards and Templates for streamlining the creation of Web and e-mail campaigns;
- XMPie's uProduce Marketing Console for the tracking, analysis and refinement of live e-communication campaigns;
- Integrated support through the same organization providing service and support for XMPie's licensed software solutions; and
- XMPie e-Mail Service for reliable e-mail capabilities.

"XMPie's Hosted e-Media is the ideal solution for getting your feet wet with personalized cross-media marketing," said Matthew Koch, information technology manager at Shelton Turnbull, a premier Pacific Northwest printing company and Hosted e-Media beta customer. "It's easy-to-use, cost-effective, and significantly lowers the IT infrastructure needed for one-to-one communications. Only XMPie has the tight integration of print and e-media through a hosted, unified data source and logic structure."

XMPie Hosted e-Media is fully compatible with the entire XMPie family, from desktop to server. This means that collaboration with other XMPie customers or installations is easy to accomplish and maintain, and users can upgrade from Hosted eMedia Express to any other XMPie offering without sacrificing their investment in business rule logic, designs, campaigns and people know-how.