KPG: New Approval NX System Creates Spot Colors Faster Than Ever

Press release from the issuing company

Norwalk, Connecticut, USA — Printers can proof spot colors twice as fast with the new Kodak Approval NX Digital Color Imaging System. Launched today at IGAS 2003 in Tokyo, Japan, the next-generation digital halftone proofing system from Kodak Polychrome Graphics (KPG) combines color accuracy and speed to create an attractive tool for both commercial and package printers. The Kodak Approval NX Digital Color Imaging System uses the latest in thermal imaging technology to produce one of the industry’s most versatile and accurate digital halftone proofs. Featuring Rapid Recipe Color technology, the Kodak Approval NX system can accurately produce millions of spot colors in a fraction of the time it took previous Kodak Approval systems. “We designed the Kodak Approval NX system to give users, particularly our customers in the package printing industry, confidence and peace of mind in their ability to faithfully predict the outcome of a printing job,” said Jerry Willer, Worldwide Proofing Product Manager, KPG. “In addition, the significant time savings from Rapid Recipe Color technology allows users to compete effectively for more complex jobs at a time when the industry is seeing an increase in the use of multiple spot colors.” By laying down up to four densities each of CMYK and spot colors simultaneously, instead of one at a time, Rapid Recipe Color technology gives the Kodak Approval NX system the ability to accurately respond to brand owners’ needs as well as dramatically increase proofing productivity and turnaround times. Other features of the Kodak Approval NX system include connectivity to numerous workflows and the ability to laminate to virtually any substrate — making the system ideal for all aspects of folding carton, label and tag, and flexible package printing. Hammer Lithograph, a package printer and Kodak Approval NX system beta user in Rochester, New York, appreciates the speed and accuracy of the digital halftone proofing system. “When you proof packaging on expensive substrates you want to make sure that the color you produce perfectly matches the brand owner’s expectations,” said Kevin McDonald, Prepress Systems Administrator, Hammer Lithograph. “The dots we get from the Kodak Approval NX system serve as an insurance policy against higher production costs due to waste. And we’re experiencing a 50 percent reduction in the time it takes to proof multiple spot colors.” Immediately after IGAS 2003, KPG will also demonstrate the Kodak Approval NX system at Graph Expo 2003 (September 28–October 1) in Chicago, Illinois, USA.