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Xin'an Media Corporation Limited relies on manroland UNISET

Press release from the issuing company

The Xin'an Media Corporation Limited, founded in September 2008 as a joint venture of the Anhui Daily Newspaper Group and the South African MIH Print Media Group, ordered a UNISET heatset-coldset printing system to print its widespread product range.

The flexible and productive newspaper and hybrid printing system will start working in early 2011 in the new printing house of Xin'an Media Corporation in Hefei. So far the company has been printing newspapers on competitor presses. Now it relies on manroland, the market leader: the UNISET holds the largest share in the global market for heatset-coldset printing systems. The Xin'an Media Corporation consists of two media giants: the Chinese part, the Anhui Daily Newspaper Group, was established in August 2003. It was among the Top Ten of China's Innovative Media Groups in 2007. Today it runs ten newspapers and three periodicals out of which the Xin'an Evening News is the largest and financially most successful print medium in Anhui Province in Southeast China. So it goes without saying that excellent printing quality is a must for Xin'an Media Corporation, the first Chinese-foreign cooperation in the newspaper sector in China. The group's printing center is the most advanced in the Anhui Province. Headquarters are located in the capital Hefei and there are two printing factories in Huangshan and Fuyang where the leading Chinese newspaper, People's Daily, as well as more than 20 further newspapers are produced. They have been awarded "high-quality class newspaper" in three consecutive years. South Africa's MIH Print Media Group is Africa's most influential and the world's fifth-largest media group. It owns print and electronic media and various subsidiaries. The group is active in more than 50 countries including China and owns more than 80 newspapers and 60 magazines. It founded the Sun, which is Africa's largest daily newspaper. It is China's first model of the latest UNISET that can print up to 80,000 copies of 24-page broadsheets or 48-page tabloids per hour, or 40,000 copies of 48-page broadsheets or 96-page tabloids. The press is also capable of producing A4 journals and magazines as well as commercial products. The UNISET is equipped with three reel splicers, three printing towers, one dryer, and two folders out of which one is equipped with a 16-page device. It will produce Xin'an Media Corporation's newspapers as well as other publications such as books and selected commercials.