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P3Software Releases Enterprise Print Procurement Solution

Press release from the issuing company

Boston, Ma - September 12, 2003 - P3Software, Inc., the print procurement software innovator has announced the release of its new Multi-User Networking capability for its flagship product P3Expeditor. Using the P3Expeditor Networking option, print-buying organizations can leverage their overall purchasing power by consolidating data on print purchases. P3Expeditor also improves print-buyers’ productivity by organizing job information and automating routine communications. “Networking our P3Expeditor system just made sense,” notes Dave Vener of Impress Printing. “It has given us more control of the process and allows us to share the burden when people are out of the office working with customers.” The Networked P3Expeditor system offers flexibility and scalability. Individual users can easily be added to the Network at any time. Depending on their needs, organizations can take a big bang approach or start small and scale up their P3Expeditor Network over time. Large or small, fast changing or methodical, P3Expeditor can fit the needs of any print buying organization. “Networking makes the P3Expeditor system the perfect option for larger organizations that want to harness their purchasing power, institutionalize procurement policies, manage their supplier base and save money,” says P3 CEO, Caleb Tower. “Organizations big and small need to get a handle on print procurement. Now they can do so for a very modest investment. It used to take a 5 or 6-figure budget and 12-months of implementation. With the P3Expeditor system, a company can get started for under $1,000 and install the system in a matter of minutes. And, with our 30-day free trial and pay-as-you-go pricing option the only risk is not trying the P3Expeditor system before you embark on a custom development project or sign a multi-year service commitment.” The P3Expeditor system is now the “best value” option for managing print procurement at agencies, corporations and institutions. The P3Expeditor system enhances user productivity, standardizes best procurement practices, captures rich data on print purchases, evaluates suppliers and organizes the process across organizations small and large. The P3Expeditor system is the lowest cost, lowest risk and easiest to implement solution in the print procurement technology market place. Getting started with The P3Expeditor system is fast and easy. The P3Expeditor system can be downloaded directly from www.p3software.com. Print buyers can start using the P3Expeditor system with their regular printers in about 15 minutes. Buyers get immediate benefits while working with suppliers they know and trust. Pricing and Availability The P3Expeditor system is available for Windows, Mac Classic and Mac OSX, through the P3Software website www.p3software.com. All versions come with a 30-Day free trial license for new users. Customers can buy a P3Expeditor license ($599 per user) or use it on a pay-as-you-go basis ($260 per user per year). The Networking option costs an additional $100 per user per year.