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Documentum Launches New Enterprise Publishing Solution

Press release from the issuing company

PLEASANTON, Calif., Sept. 9 -- Documentum, the leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM), today announced the availability of the Documentum Enterprise Publishing Solution, an end-to-end offering based on the award-winning ECM platform, Documentum 5. With the new solution, companies can create content once and simultaneously publish it in multiple languages and formats through traditional print production, as well as web sites, portals and other formats. Documentum Online Event: Enterprise Publishing - Consolidate Your Print and Web Processes Documentum will host a free online seminar to demonstrate the capabilities of the Documentum Enterprise Publishing solution products. Online Event Logistics: Date: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 Time: 8:30 am PDT (11:30 am EDT, 15:30 pm GMT) Register: http://www.documentum.com/events/09_16_03_eSeminar_Publishing_AIS_Launch.htm For more information on this and other Documentum events, visit: http://www.documentum.com/events/events_home.htm The new Documentum Enterprise Publishing Solution, unifies the entire publishing process on a single platform -- from concept to final, multi- channel delivery -- enabling companies to: -- Expand content distribution and subscription revenues through new channels, such as online versions of print publications -- Create new, revenue-generating products, by repurposing existing content, such as a compilation of a columnist's articles -- Deliver consistently higher quality content by eliminating manual tasks and automating review and approval cycles -- Reduce printing costs of annual reports, product specifications, owner manuals and other print materials by making content available on line -- Decrease creative costs and increase accuracy by using the same content for all publishing formats, including print and online -- Cut travel costs by enabling creative and production teams to collaborate online in real-time, virtual workplaces -- Diminish IT-related publishing costs by consolidating all systems and tools on a single platform from a single vendor -- Eliminate many training costs by enabling content contributors, such as authors and designers, to create and deliver content using the tools they typically use in the production process "As a global publisher that produces and distributes huge volumes of content in many different forms, Reed Elsevier needs a highly integrated, end-to-end approach to managing content in each of our divisions. We have a wide range of electronic and paper products, from magazines and online information services to training materials, textbooks, scientific journals and medical publications," said Mark Maddocks, Vice President - Product Technology of Reed Elsevier. "We wanted to team with a vendor offering a solution that could address this wide range of needs across many global businesses. As a result, we selected Documentum to be a key part of our IT infrastructure and strategy." Key Features Until now, organizations have typically managed print production and web site publishing as separate processes, handled by different staffs, systems and tools. Steps are duplicated, and content is rarely shared or re-used, resulting in unnecessary costs, errors and inconsistencies. As the volume of published information continues to grow, with web site publishing matching or exceeding print publishing, companies are recognizing that significant savings can be gained by integrating all publishing processes. The Documentum Enterprise Publishing Solution, a tightly integrated set of ECM technologies on a single platform, includes Documentum Digital Asset Manager, Documentum eRoom Enterprise, Documentum Web Publisher and Documentum Authoring Integration Services. Together, these products unite and significantly streamline the various processes used for print, web and other publishing processes. Key features include: -- Publishing Media Library: provides a repository for centrally storing, managing, searching, accessing, sharing, reviewing and approving all types of content, from editorial copy, transcripts and artwork to XML files, web content and rich media, such as images, flash animation, video and audio. -- Publishing Project Management: delivers an easy-to-use, Web-based workspace for writers, artists, designers and copy and layout editors to collaboratively plan, create, discuss, monitor and produce content for publishing in multiple forms - regardless of geographical location. Content can be stored and later referenced or re-used. -- Publishing Production: through seamless integration with market- leading creative, authoring and editing tools, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress, content creators, owners and business users can all contribute, manage, review and approve content using their tools of choice. Automated workflows ensure that content goes through the appropriate review and approval processes prior to publication, and workflows can easily be extended to include external partners, such as freelancers, design agencies and printers. -- Multi-Channel Content Delivery: automated transformation capabilities enable content to be easily repurposed to meet format and display requirements for reuse and multiple methods of distribution, including print, web publishing and wireless distribution. "For true enterprise publishing, you must have a solution that handles the entire process from initial discussions of concept through final publication," said Mark Hilton, director of product management for Creative Professional products at Adobe. "The Documentum Enterprise Publishing Solution, with its seamless integration with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Graphics Server products, offers companies a comprehensive approach to integrating all aspects of the publishing process." "The Documentum Enterprise Publishing Solution was developed in direct response to customer requests," said Dave DeWalt, president and CEO of Documentum. "From retail, publishing, media and entertainment to government, organizations across many industries are taking an enterprise-wide approach to managing all aspects of content creation and publishing, regardless of content type or distribution method. With the Documentum ECM platform as a foundation for enterprise publishing, the cost savings are tremendous. Even more promising is that with Documentum, many of our customers have generated additional revenue streams by reusing existing content."