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ExpoPrint Latin America: manroland web successes cause optimism

Press release from the issuing company

Since its foundation 2009 customers have got to know manroland do Brasil in São Paulo and manroland latina in Mexico City as local partners that competently and reliably represent the German web offset world market leader manroland. Many of manroland's web offset printing systems are working in South America. Especially popular are the EUROMAN and LITHOMAN commercial web offset press series.

manroland looking forward to the show
Albrecht Röser, Head of Sales Webfed at manroland do Brasil, about ExpoPrint Latin America: "We are very optimistic about the show as we can feel a positive market atmosphere in Brazil and quite a few other South American countries. manroland is known and appreciated here as the leading web offset press manufacturer whose experience and technological know-how give it a competitive edge printing companies trust in and want to benefit from. We are looking forward to welcoming the printing industry to São Paulo."

EUROMAN success story in Brazil
The EUROMAN is manroland's latest development in commercial web offset printing. Since its introduction in 2007 it has been very popular because of its economical production through extreme flexibility, a very fast webbing-up device, and the automated plate change with the proven PPL (PowerPlateLoading) system. The EUROMAN is the ideal entry-level press for high-volume offset printing.

Four EUROMAN are working in the country's largest printing company Posigraf. Installed next to each other in Posigraf's printing center in Curitiba in the Brazilian state of Paraná they are printing magazines, books, and advertising material for the retail trade, the latter as market leader. Three EUROMAN are connected to produce in 48-page tabloid format or 64-page magazine format. The four EUROMAN are not Posigraf's first manroland web offset presses: the company has been working with two UNISET since 2002, each featuring 32 pages resp. 64 pages when connected.

At Ediouro Grafica in Rio de Janeiro a EUROMAN has been working since January 2007. It is producing magazines, books, and supplements and more than doubled Ediouro's productivity already a few months after its start-up. The EUROMAN is Ediouro's third manroland web offset press after a CROMOMAN and a POLYMAN. Presently, a second EUROMAN is taking up production at Ediouro. This EUROMAN in new design is equipped with modern film-type continuous dampening units. It will be connected to the first EUROMAN to produce in 64-page magazine format.

The latest order came from Gráfica Santa Marta in João Pessoa. They decided to invest in the first EUROMAN in 48-page format. Today there are eight EUROMAN commercial web offset presses in Brazil either in production or contracted.

LITHOMAN popular in Brazil and South America
The LITHOMAN is manroland's high-end commercial web offset press for production in industrial dimensions. The LITHOMAN is the world market leader in the high-volume segment working with highest speed, most flexible folder superstructures, and innovative folding systems.

Esdeva in Juiz de Fora is the largest printing company in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais and belongs to the four most important in Brazil because of its high-end machinery park. One of its recent investments is America's first 72-page LITHOMAN. The press is equipped with two folders and offers the possibility to print in long grain as well as in short grain format, each at maximum speed. It has increased Esdeva's productivity by almost a third. It offers the company's customers so far unknown production possibilities because of the extremely high format variability. manroland's commercial web offset flagship is printing all sorts of high-quality magazines, image brochures, and advertising material.

There is a 48-page LITHOMAN press in Lima, Peru at El Comercio. Since August 2009 it has been successfully printing high-end quality magazines and supplements in very unusual formats. The LITHOMAN features extremely high flexibility reaching from medium to highest printruns. Moreover El Comercio is known as one of the oldest Spanish-language newspapers which was founded in 1839. Peru's leading school book and telephone directory printer Worldcolor in Lima will be the country's latest manroland start-up: a 64-page LITHOMAN is just being installed. The highly-productive press will print magazines there, too, as well as books and supplements. The company is managed by the renowned group Worldcolor Latin America.

Last year manroland's CEO Gerd Finkbeiner inaugurated a 64-page LITHOMAN in Chile. It is running in the capital Santiago de Chile at the printing company Worldcolor producing magazines, advertising for retail trade, and books.