New FileMaker Applications Deliver Instant Productivity for Professionals

Press release from the issuing company

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 3 -- FileMaker, Inc., which markets the popular FileMaker database software, announced today it will publish ready-to-use applications for business-specific tasks. Based on the award-winning FileMaker Pro 6 database, FileMaker Applications are designed for simple installation and do not require expertise in how to use a database. In two related announcements today, FileMaker also said the first two FileMaker Applications -- FileMaker Recruiter ($299 U.S. suggested list price) and FileMaker Meetings ($49 U.S. suggested list price) -- are available starting today at http://store.filemaker.com/applications/ . "Organizations need to work faster and smarter, so there's a great demand for easy to use software that helps people get the information they need when they need it," said Dominique Goupil, president of FileMaker, Inc. "Also, we see a unique opportunity to gain new customers looking for point solutions to the most popular business problems, in addition to those attracted to FileMaker as a toolkit for creating custom solutions." FileMaker, Inc. will develop applications on an ongoing basis, addressing common business tasks that require gathering, managing and sharing information, such as sales prospecting, project management, asset tracking, soliciting donations and customer service. Each application generally includes built-in email and reporting templates that allow users to personalize and automate communications and the sharing of information. "Accumulating information for making business decisions isn't the problem for business users; it's accessing information more effectively," said John Dasher, product manager, FileMaker Applications "FileMaker Applications will deliver instant solutions for specific tasks that business professionals face every day." New Business Opportunity for Developers The new applications initiative will attract new users to FileMaker, growing the market of potential clients for independent developers who create custom, professional solutions based on FileMaker. FileMaker is selecting application themes that usually have a low priority for busy IT departments. Although FileMaker Applications are designed to be ready-to-use applications, they can also be customized and extended by developers. "FileMaker Applications will help developers reach a larger base of customers who may or may not have existing database applications," said Ernest Koe, Vice President, inResonance, a FileMaker Solutions Alliance Partner, based in Massachusetts, which provides IT strategic consulting, information systems and professional development services. "Because FileMaker Pro runs on both Mac OS and Windows and supports both Internet and enterprise data standards, I can approach budget-conscious customers with an easy way to get immediate results. FileMaker Pro will supply simplicity and powerful information management in the background." North America Introduction FileMaker Applications will initially be distributed in North America and sold through FileMaker's Web Store (http://store.filemaker.com/applications/). The applications can be downloaded or purchased as a CD-ROM. Most of the FileMaker applications will range in price from $49-$299 (U.S.). Customers will also need to have FileMaker Pro 6 installed to run the FileMaker Applications.