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Hayzlett's The Mirror Test hits 3 biz best seller lists in 3 weeks

Press release from the issuing company

New York City, New York - Jeffrey Hayzlett, former CMO of Eastman Kodak, author and much sought-after speaker, today announced that his first book, The Mirror Test: Is Your Business Really Breathing? has hit three business best seller lists including Inc. Magazine, (# 1) USA Today (#4) and the Wall Street Journal (#4), all in just three short weeks. The author attributes the book's success, sales and early adoption to Hayzlett's frequent use of social media as well the book's timely subject matter. The Mirror Test went on sale in early May and is available through Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com. 

"Early sales and recognition by some of the best known business best seller lists has really exceed our expectations and all in just three short weeks," said Hayzlett. "In my own words and that of the book's, the popularity of The Mirror Test has gone far beyond our conditions of satisfaction."

Hayzlett's big booming approach is direct and to the point, but done so with a smile on his face. Chock full of inspirational business stories and insights from his own career, Hayzlett and The Mirror Test comprise a force to be reckoned with.

"Think of these questions as a way to understand your personal conditions of satisfaction for your business," Hayzlett writes.  "I developed my conditions of satisfaction and whether I have been running a small business in South Dakota or moving up the ranks of a global company, the business I worked on had to meet the following conditions: It had to have the ability to grow wealth, it had to allow me to grow professionally and it had to be fun. Those have been my conditions of satisfaction for decades and they always remind me why I'm in "it" at all. But don't confuse fun with passion."

In THE MIRROR TEST: Is Your Business Really Breathing? Hayzlett teaches readers through entertaining and timely anecdotes how to thoughtfully yet aggressively evaluate, deconstruct and then reconstruct any business. Known for his outspoken appearances on numerous TV shows, Hayzlett has built his career on having the ability to get his people to look up and pay attention to the problems at hand.

In his unique, confrontational manner, Hayzlett coaches small business owners and managers on topics such as:
- Give your business the mirror test - is your company really breathing?
- Here's how you and your company must adapt...or die.
- The bottom line of your business really is... your bottom line. You have to focus on it.

THE MIRROR TEST also challenges readers to focus a range of critical issues, including:
- Why you're here-why are you doing what you do?
- What is it that you want to do? Make money? Build huge profits? What then?
- What is the purpose of what you are doing? Do you want to please people? Build the best widget? Serve the best-damned cup of coffee?
- What do you want to do after profitability? Expand? Be the best in the business?
- Do your customers know the answers? Do your employees? Do you?

As Hayzlett attests, before you get to sales, marketing and all the things a business needs to grow you must focus on why you're actually running your business. "Write it down. Speak it. I'm not saying it is easy but if you can't answer the question, then you'll not only be unsatisfied with your business, your business is probably already dying in some way," Hayzlett writes. "And even if you know it, say it proud: Like your body or your car, a little maintenance never hurts."