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manroland presents color-consistent softproofing for commercial printing

Press release from the issuing company

printnet brings the softproofing technology into the commercial printing pressroom. The new PressProof TC (True Color) version focuses first on user-friendly operation as well as providing the best possible color viewing of large format proofs. The system enhances quality as well as production security and at the same time reduces costs.

Together with its partner for monitor proofing software and color management, ICS Inc. (Integrated Color Solutions), manroland is launching PressProof TC technology, already successfully working in newspaper printing, to address the special conditions of commercial printing. The system is suitable for very large formats, can be retrofitted easily, and is available in different product configurations according to the technical requirements. The new PressProof TC will be presented for the first time at IPEX in Birmingham from 18 until 25 May 2010.

"To be selected by this premier press manufacturer to provide their solution at press side is both a testament to the pioneering work ICS has done on press for many years, as well as the superiority of our technology," says Vicki Blake, VP Business Development for ICS. "This ideal partnership will provide a myriad of new possibilities for both of our companies and most importantly, for our customers."

Color-proof, intuitive, holistic
The prerequisites for color-consistent softproofing are state of the art calibration and profiling software, color viewing technology, and adequate control of standard light illumination. PressProof TC features automatic and software-aided control of viewing conditions and proof navigation. As a basis for the calculations, the system considers the luminance of the proofing monitor and automatically adjusts the lightness of the standard light system, which is integrated in the control console, for optimum observation conditions. To cope with the large formats in commercial printing – e.g. the LITHOMAN's 2,860 millimeters – the printer can now proof color-consistent subsets of the web surface. Instead of navigating with the touch screen or mouse, he can move a proofing monitor running on roller bearings directly along the printed sheet. The system recognizes the monitor position through a sensor and precisely presents the appropriate part of the press sheet to align with the position. Processing works intuitively via a touch screen operating unit: simple switch between first and last page of an order, fast selection by tapping once, high-tech calibration of different monitor sectors or quick moving of the picture subset via intelligent picture data caching. Fast and easy access to the necessary functions needed makes the softproofing process intuitive to an operator and less complex while reducing costs and time, and improving proof quality and stability over traditional hard proofing solutions.

"We are very excited about this partnership, which brings together best of breed technologies for the first time," says Lodovico de Briganti, VP Business Development printnet. "This will enable printers to easily compare a press sheet to a precise color proof quickly and with confidence."

With PressProof TC, printnet follows a holistic workflow approach. The system can be connected to current prepress workflow systems and will accept multiple data formats from TIFF to PDF. Depending on whether there is already a softproof system or a central proof server in a printshop, printnet provides the necessary hardware and software.

"Since ICS was awarded the first monitor proofing certification in 2003, we have promoted the vision of a monitor on every press console," says Dan Caldwell, VP Operations at ICS. "We are happy to be a part of the exciting new technology manroland is now offering, giving their customers the ability to completely eliminate the costs and waste associated with creating and delivering hard copy proofs to the press."