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Hurst Graphics introduces Clean Air Press Wash

Press release from the issuing company

Hurst Graphics, Santa Barbara, California, introduced CLIMAX 495 CLEAN AIR PRESS WASH, a high performance, sustainable, biodegradable, deep cleaning blanket and roller wash. Trademarked a CleanGredients formulated product containing new generation solvents that provide a more eco-friendly and an efficient alternative to traditional solvents, CLIMAX 495 is a one-step press wash having a clear and stable micro emulsion, and requires no pre-mixing.

CLIMAX 495 went through about a year of rigid testing at the Graphic Communication Institute at Cal Poly and was field-tested at commercial printing sites.

The Cal Poly tests were conducted on a Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 74 press. Professor Xiaoying Rong, who supervised the tests, said, "The test results are encouraging and showed that good results can be achieved with an automatic wash-up system. Under our current press conditions, we setup the press with Hurst's CLIMAX 495 solution to wash the inking system first without water being involved. The wash-up tray blade was then engaged to remove dissolved ink. The water application was for rinsing after the dissolved ink had been removed. This setting utilized the full power of the Hurst solution, and reduced the total wash up time."

Joanne Hirsh, president of Hurst Graphics, said, "We live in a complex and increasingly environmentally concerned world that calls for new and different approaches to a manufacturing process that is more than half a millennium old. The changes we have seen in the last decade dwarf the accumulated changes over the previous half-century. Enterprising commercial, small offset and quick printers realize that they need to employ a range of technologies to remain compliant and competitive in this rapidly changing world."

Ben Seas, Director of Sales and Technical Support, further notes, "For deep, thorough cleaning of ink rollers, Climax 495 works better than conventional solvents."  The product meets the rigid California regulations for VOC emissions and flash point.  There are no residues or oils that may contaminate ink-causing fluctuations in ink density and ink water balance. The formulation does not include esters that, after continued use, may cause swelling of blankets and rollers thereby reducing print quality. There are no hazardous air pollutants or other ingredients considered unacceptable by the EPA."

Consider CLIMAX the new 'urban standard' for sustainable pressroom solutions.

Independent tests developed by Kramer Ink in conjunction with S.C.P.I.A, and accepted by SCAQMD were also conducted by Kramer. Kramer Ink Technical Director, Bob Chase, approved the ease and quickness of the cleanup, and observed the fact that there was no solvent retention on the rollers. The test results were very similar to the control test.

Re-inking maximized in seven minutes with no loss of tack. The Technical Director said, "There is no change in the run-up time for the ink to reach its initial tack on our tests.