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manroland presents its range of PRINTVALUE services at IPEX

Press release from the issuing company

Fast, safe, functional: these are the requirements of a printing system that produces flawlessly. manroland ensures this with its four-part, all-around PRINTVALUE service: printservices, printcom, printnet, printadvice.

printservices: maximum performance for the entire lifetime of a press
With printservices, manroland presents a wide variety of components at IPEX that help to ensure a long and efficient life of a printing system: innovative upgrades, training to provide knowledgeable employees, foresighted maintenance, and fast spare part supply. State-of-the-art technology: by using modern methods of analysis, manroland experts can accurately analyze processes and data and find solutions that get the most out of every printing system. This can be done with numerous upgrades, such as the optimized magnetic brake that allows for up to 30 percent less press stoppage during web production. Success also needs training; for this purpose, printservices offers training and further education options by specialists at manroland locations, as well as location-independent multimedia training methods in a virtual classroom.

Tailor-made maintenance services for sheetfed customers include ProServ programs to give you the perfect service concept for the entire lifetime of your press. To enable printing companies to save on spare parts costs, manroland exchanges entire modules by means of its ServiceKits at an attractive, all-inclusive price. When exchanging an ink fountain, for example, the new part will be equipped with QuickChange Surface and an optimized ink fountain contour. Webfed customers also profit from manroland service contracts. An example is the English printing group St. Ives: five contracts for three locations enable easy-to-plan costs, optimal budgeting, and reliance on a high level of technical availability. Webfed customers easily find spare and wear parts in the manroland STORE around-the-clock. They have easy access to customized ordering pages and catalogs – and also receive attractive online prices.

On the safe side with printcom products
Only specialists should access a press – and the products from printcom. At IPEX, you can learn more about over 300 certified system components from manroland from seven different product lines for sheetfed, commercial, and newspaper printing. These include materials that directly influence production, such as fountain solution additives, blankets, coatings and inks, screen rollers, lubricants, and further aids. Even the smallest fluctuations in the quality of a single product can significantly change the printing results. printcom products are subject to the strictest requirements of the FOGRA Graphic Technology Research Association and other official inspection authorities and are run through numerous tests. manroland is especially interested in developing environmentally-friendly and sustainable system components. Through continuous customer feedback and development, we can improve printcom products and adjust them to meet the current requirements. We have even created start-up sets for a quick initial start-up of sheetfed and commercial web presses. manroland printing instructors compile a suitable product palette with the customers, so that they can immediately profit from a stable printing process with high-quality results and, at the same time, save on waste and costs.

printnet puts printing companies in the fast lane
The networking and integration offering, printnet, accelerates every process in a printing company. At IPEX, manroland introduces numerous possibilities from step-by-step networking to fully-automated systems. Sheetfed customers perfectly create and manage their own jobs with printnet PressManager perfect 2.0. This software combines data and processes into a system that runs smoothly. ROLAND InlineColorPilot provides the highest level of automation for extremely efficient production and this is now available for the ROLAND 700 as well. With the new PressProof TC (True Color) soft proof system, web offset printers save paper, time, and money in commercial printing as well: printers can check their results before starting production at the control console in the form of digital, color-compliant soft proofs. PressProof TC is now available for newspaper and commercial printers. With manroland's Inline control systems, such as cut-off register, color register, ink density, or color balance control, manroland takes another step in the direction of autoprint, the fully-automatic industrial-scale print production system. The printnet monitor offers a broad overview of the current status of the production processes in the entire printing facility by using an automated recording of identification numbers and delivering regular reports. APL logistics, the fully-automatic plate logistics workflow, is perfectly integrated in the printnet workflow and can deliver planning data from plate logistics directly from the printnet PressManager.

Get a competitive edge by planning: printadvice
Prior to every investment important decisions have to be taken. With printadvice from manroland, sheetfed and webfed customers receive the best possible advice. Whether it deals with production plant design, organization, management, or system design, manroland encourages further development and changes while finding innovative and individualized solutions together with the customers.