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Group Logic Celebrates 15 Years

Press release from the issuing company

ARLINGTON, Va., Aug. 20 -- Group Logic, Inc., announced today that August 2003 marks the company's 15th year as a developer of best-selling network workflow software products. Headquartered in the heart of the Arlington business community, Group Logic was founded in 1988 by a team of four young technology engineers. These business-savvy twenty-somethings created a stable company that has survived the tumultuous "dot.com" era and has grown ten-fold since its inception. What began with a technical groundbreaking conferencing product is today a multi-million dollar company whose products are recognized worldwide for their quality and reliability in handling mission critical data and workflow. In a market where few survive, Group Logic attributes its continued success to its close customer relationships, a sophisticated engineering methodology that results in innovative high quality products, and carefully managed growth. "This is a highly competitive space," notes Reid Lewis, co- founder and President of Group Logic. "With the speed of change in technology and the volatility of the market, competitor companies come and go, or are absorbed by conglomerates, like the recent surprise acquisition of WAM!NET," notes Lewis. "It's a tough business to navigate successfully." From the beginning, Group Logic has focused on addressing customer needs and on developing partnerships with key leaders in the software development space. The company pioneered the market for real-time conferencing with the release of its first product, Aspects, in the late 1980s. Group Logic branched out to become a technology provider to many of the early players in the burgeoning desktop video conferencing market at the dawn of the Internet boom. The technology also evolved into the groundbreaking 1994 release of their Imagexpo soft-proofing tool that is targeted at the print media market. In 1995 Group Logic's partnership with industry giant Adobe led to the creation of their network workflow product MassTransit. Over the years, Group Logic has developed a vertical niche market in print media and associated industries and has catered to that market to build products the way customers want them built. The company's products are currently used by 10 of the top 15 printing companies in North America, as well as major publishers and Fortune 500 print purchasing and creative organizations. According to Lewis, "Group Logic's success comes from understanding our customers' businesses and our ability to stay ahead of the curve in developing valuable, performance-driven products." With success comes continued growth. Group Logic has recently hired a number of new employees to meet its current demand. The company invests significantly in ongoing research and development efforts. It maintains two teams of software engineers for each product -- an innovative lead team that focuses on building the product, and an operational team that addresses issues affected by changes in operating systems and customer needs. Over the past 15 years, Group Logic has successfully built valuable and applicable products for customers, while operating with strong fiscal responsibility. "We have been careful to not over-extend or over-commit ourselves," says Lewis. "Our customers depend on us and our products. We look forward to continued success over the next 15 years as we evolve and expand our product lines to help our customers improve their workflow and grow their own businesses."