Dalim Software introduces DALiM MiSTRAL at Graph Expo

Press release from the issuing company

Chicago, IL, USA – At Graph Expo, Dalim Software introduced DALiM MiSTRAL which, implementing the underpinnings of the company’s unique FiCELLE technology, broadens the application to not only prepress operations, but to printing and content creation as well. The software represents a more mature execution of what was previously DALiM FiCELLE. DALiM MiSTRAL is a JDF-compliant web-based common electronic submission interface and print production management system for tracking, administration, assembly, correction and approval of “publishable material”. The system allows all parties involved in the development of “publishable material” (books and magazines, but also product packaging, brochures, catalogues, point of sale, etc.) to have a single, common electronic interface to receive information on the development of the project in real time, from the convenience of a web browser. Views of project status – as color-coded page icons – are available, as well as JPG thumbnails and PDF full views of completed pages. DALiM MiSTRAL can also share ODBC compliant database data between the prepress workflow application and business systems on other computers. It would be easy to classify DALiM MiSTRAL as a workflow tool. But in fact, DALiM MiSTRAL also utilizes unique collaborative technology that sits on top of a workflow – any workflow. It provides all participants a clear, up-to-date view of production status of each page (viewed as a flat plan, section or signature), up to when the entire project is ready to print. All information is fed, in real time, by the workflow. Participants see color-coded page icons that define where it is in the production process, and jpg thumbnail and pdf full views of completed pages. DALiM MiSTRAL is much more than a production indicator. By integrating the development with a web server and the database connectivity of Dalim Software’s automated prepress workflow application, DALiM TWiST, the result is a ‘total solution’ production management, scheduling and tracking system that serves as the production backbone to handle all of a printer’s projects and the communication with their suppliers and clients. DALiM MiSTRAL features an updated web-based interface, with a unique “floating toolbox”, that has a look and feel similar to working directly in a prepress application. While viewing a flatplan within DALiM MiSTRAL, one can “drag and drop” new pages from a clipboard directly to where they should be placed. If another page is already there, the user can move and exchange existing pages, sending older versions to a clipboard. This versioning capability is important. A user can keep as many page versions as desired, allowing the opportunity to restore the former page if a client changes his mind, or if time constraints demand rebuilding the project. The toolbox also allows the creation of new sections by simply dragging it where new pages need to be created. Because DALiM MiSTRAL has a considerable number of new options, the menu options have been rebuilt and are more intuitive, allowing the operator easier access to often-used commands. DALiM MiSTRAL is built with an open architecture to assimilate into any prepress or publishing environment utilizing open hardware and software protocols. Using an object-orientated programming architecture and a device-independent output model, the user is free to work with an extensive range of both open and proprietary file formats. Based upon standards such as Java and HTML, no special client-side software is required to interrogate the system. Most important, JDF compliance is a central component to DALiM MiSTRAL, allowing advanced job ticketing, imposition, and preflighting. Dalim Software expects DALiM MiSTRAL to be one of the very first adopters of the JDF 1.2 specification, after JDF 1.2 is published in a few weeks time. “DALiM MiSTRAL is such a broad, powerful, collaborative tool, it is hard to categorize it. By allowing every participant be able to post, track, review, and approve real-time project information as a job moves through various stages of production, DALiM MiSTRAL allows a level of transparency and collaborative working previously unavailable in the industry,” remarks Stéphane Georges, Dalim Software Product Manager. “It’s a broad-reaching application. For printers, DALiM MiSTRAL helps customer sales reps and project teams create and fine-tune best-practice workflows - resulting in fewer errors, increased productivity, exceptional customer service, and more rapid project turnaround. With a real-time view of a magazine’s signature, publisher sales reps can see precisely which pages have been sold and which are still available. This increases the sales window – and some major print and publishing customers have told Dalim Software just that.”