eHelp and Adobe Provide Next Generation in Document Publishing

Press release from the issuing company

SAN DIEGO----Oct. 1, 2003-- eHelp Corp., a worldwide leader in award-winning software since 1990, today introduced RoboHelp for FrameMaker software, a revolutionary online publishing tool for use with FrameMaker by Adobe Systems Inc.. RoboHelp for FrameMaker allows anyone to compose content in FrameMaker and then publish it anywhere online, including the Internet, intranets and online Help systems, in addition to publishing in XML, PDF and print with FrameMaker. Each online output can be independently formatted, reorganized and enhanced as needed, without modifying the original FrameMaker source documents. RoboHelp for FrameMaker is the newest addition to eHelp's award-winning RoboHelp family of products. "RoboHelp for FrameMaker is a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use online publishing tool," said Karl Matthews, Product Manager for FrameMaker at Adobe Systems. "Together with FrameMaker, it truly represents the next generation of software for managing and publishing content." Unlimited Publishing Possibilities When used together, FrameMaker and RoboHelp for FrameMaker provide users with an unlimited range of publishing options. For example, from a single set of FrameMaker documents, a writer can send the content to a commercial printer in PDF format and select multiple online formats to publish it to an intranet, the Web and generate an online Help system. If required, each online version can contain its own unique content -- including online-specific content such as multimedia -- all without affecting the content intended for print. Revolutionary Online Publishing Features Instantly Familiar - RoboHelp for FrameMaker is designed to be instantly familiar to FrameMaker users, so they can begin publishing online immediately. By employing the same shortcut keys, dialog boxes, building blocks and style designer windows as FrameMaker, RoboHelp for FrameMaker virtually eliminates the learning curve. True Single-Sourcing - RoboHelp for FrameMaker enables users to generate multiple online outputs from a single project for publication to an intranet, the Web and as online Help systems. Plus, the connection to the source is always maintained, so any changes made in the FrameMaker documents are automatically reflected in the RoboHelp for FrameMaker project. Multi-Format Support - RoboHelp for FrameMaker enables users to generate different online formats to publish content to the Internet and intranets. In addition to publishing content as pure HTML, users can select popular formats such as WebHelp, Microsoft HTML Help and FlashHelp. FlashHelp is a bandwidth-efficient and firewall-friendly online format that is completely consistent across popular browsers and platforms, making it ideal for publishing to the Internet and intranets. FlashHelp is based on Flash technology by Macromedia, Inc. Help System Output - In addition to publishing content to the Internet and intranets, RoboHelp for FrameMaker users can create online Help systems from their FrameMaker documents. These Help systems can include standard and advanced Help-specific features, including a Table of Contents, Index, search, glossary, graphics, special effects and more. Online-Specific Content - RoboHelp for FrameMaker allows users to take advantage of the online medium by adding additional files, multimedia, pop-up windows, splash screens, hyperlinked cross-references and more to their online output -- all without modifying the original FrameMaker source documents. Customizable Outputs - A RoboHelp for FrameMaker project automatically inherits the Table of Contents, Index and formatting of the source FrameMaker documents, and, in addition, all of these components can be individually customized for each online output -- without modifying the source. Extended Conditional Text - RoboHelp for FrameMaker extends the conditional text feature in FrameMaker beyond content by allowing users to select which chapters should be included in which online outputs. If some chapters are not included, RoboHelp for FrameMaker automatically renumbers remaining chapters and sections accordingly. Quick Preview - Users can preview the online output of a single FrameMaker chapter without needing to generate the entire project's output. This feature saves considerable time when evaluating changes to projects. Users can even directly edit styles and formatting inside the preview window. Multiple Book Support - Users can include multiple FrameMaker books in a single project in RoboHelp for FrameMaker, so they can easily combine multiple printed documents into a comprehensive online information system. Any existing cross-references between the books will remain intact. Platforms Supported by RoboHelp for FrameMaker The outputs created with RoboHelp for FrameMaker can run on the Web, Windows from Microsoft Corp. (NasdaqNM: MSFT), MAC OS X from Apple Computer Inc. (NasdaqNM: AAPL), Linux on IBM Corp. (NasdaqNM: IBM) and other flavors of Linux. Pricing and Availability Pricing for RoboHelp for FrameMaker starts at $799 (USD) and will be available in October. For more information, contact eHelp Corporation at Tel: 800-459-2356 (U.S. and Canada) or 858-847-7900 (worldwide), Web site: http://www.ehelp.com, Email: [email protected]