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Muller Martini's Diamant MC 60 updates production at BRUNNEN

Press release from the issuing company

After several months in operation, this latest Diamant generation has more than proven its ability to efficiently handle BRUNNEN's unusually wide and sophisticated range of high quality hardcover products
Baier & Schneider in Heilbronn, Germany, is a leading European manufacturer of diaries, notebooks and business writing products sold under its upscale BRUNNEN brand.  For several months, the company has been using the new Diamant MC 60 bookline from Muller Martini for its rather complex production processes.

From a world-famous automotive manufacturer commissioning a high-volume run, to a small business ordering 30 diaries featuring its company logo – the comprehensive range of BRUNNEN diaries is available to everyone, as is the option to choose customized solutions.  The BRUNNEN range includes multi-size diaries, ranging from 2.75" x 4" (7 x 10 cm) to 8.6" x 12" (22 x 30 cm), and also offers notebooks starting at just three millimeters thick.

When it comes to selecting a case, customers can choose from a product spectrum that ranges from standard materials such as linen and cardboard to polyurethane (PU) covers, thin plastic cases and leather, which Baier & Schneider cuts direct from hides.  The BRUNNEN range even includes metal covers, so the sky's the limit for the customer's imagination.

High Quality Binding to Meet Tough Demands
In order to fulfill the high quality demands of the BRUNNEN brand, it is essential that suitable production systems are used.  Company representative and production manager Franz Eisenmann was won over to the Diamant by the goal-oriented attitude of the Muller Martini team.  "There was no product too unusual for Muller Martini to come up with a solution to ensure efficient production," he says.  Another key reason for Eisenmann's decision in favor of the Diamant MC 60 was the short changeover times.  Mr. Eisenmann, who has been working in the industry for forty years, was also thrilled by the fact that the Diamant MC can produce PUR perfect bound books, complete with a well-crafted and long-lasting rounding.  The overall durability of the product produced was also an issue.  Diaries and notebooks are heavily-used work tools and must be able to withstand a significant degree of wear.  The Diamant MC ensures that the books will meet even the toughest demands.

A Quantum Leap for Technology
The technology behind the Muller Martini bookline is a major contributor to the high quality and long lasting results produced.  Thanks to its proven rounding and backing station, Diamant provides distinctive and durable rounding for all types of binding.  Another innovation:  The machine's new Flex case separation capabilities ensure efficient handling of even the most difficult case materials.  Each product in the larger size range is cased-in accurately by Diamant's servo-controlled casing-in station from the very first book to the very last.  Jürgen Rank, an expert in diary and book production for BRUNNER, is pleased that the system's MC drive technology and its straightforward controls make the operator's job considerably easier.  "Even though this represents a quantum leap in terms of technology, our Diamant MC machine operators saw the first signs of success very quickly after commissioning."  To ensure that the machine can be loaded even at top speeds, its Fast-Book chain return is connected upstream.  Books featuring ribbons are first fed into the system's book ribbon inserting machine.  All other products are fed directly into the Diamant MC and after going through the EP 680 joint forming and pressing machine, are stacked as finished books by a Müller Martini BLSD stacker.

The Diamant MC is well suited to producing a whole host of diary formats at high speeds:
1.    Handle sizes as small as 2.75" x 4" (7 x 10 cm)
2.    Proven superb rounding and backing quality
3.    Motion control technology:  Accurate casing-in processing for all sizes
4.    Flex case separation system handles even the thinnest cases
5.    Flex press system on the EP 680 can process even the lightest products