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Xplor Names 2007 Award Winners

Press release from the issuing company

Miami Beach, FL—March 2, 2007– Xplor International, the worldwide electronic document systems association, today announced the recipients of its 2007 awards and EDP recognitions. Highlighted at their opening ceremony on Thursday, March 1, 2007 at the Xplor Document University annual conference in Miami Beach, Florida in conjunction with Graphics of the Americas, Xplor recognized their Lifetime Achievement, Chairperson’s, Innovator of the Year, Technology Application and Xplorer of the Year Award winners. Lifetime Achievement Award—this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award, new for 2007, goes to Brian Platte, an individual who had a significant impact on the direction, growth and progress of the electronic document industry. Formerly the CTO of IBM, Brian was an Xplor and industry advocate for many years and always reached beyond the boundaries of what many thought possible in terms of digital output. Brian was also the architect of one of the industries premier print languages and was known as the father of AFP. While Brian passed away suddenly last December, his contribution to the industry will not be forgotten. Chairman’s Award—The Chairman Award is presented to a person who, in the opinion of the Xplor chairman, has had a significant impact on furthering the Xplor mission. This year’s recipient is responsible for initiating the formation of the latest Xplor Chapter. Through his efforts and the support of his company, as well as others, they held their very first meeting, which attracted over 200 attendees representing over 100 companies. This year, the Xplor chairman’s award goes to Gustavo Muratore, general manager of Impripost Technologies, SA and founding member of Xplor Argentina. Innovator of the Year Award— each year, Xplor International recognizes an individual or organization in our community that has made a significant contribution to the electronic document systems industry. This year, the award is being presented to two individuals that took it upon themselves to tackle not only a technical issue but also a social one. Through their collaborative efforts and tenacity, they worked together to provide PDF accessibility via searchable text which opened the doors to document and web accessibility for people with disabilities. For 2007, the Innovator of the Year Award goes to Mike Taylor of Information Manufacturing and Anna Bradley of Criterion 508 Solutions. Technology Application Award—now in its third year, the Technology Application of the Year Award is given for an imaginative application of current technology that establishes an industry direction. This year’s recipient, Humana, a publicly traded health benefits company, has been awarded for their work that provides customers with one of the most comprehensive uses of transactional data. As a result, insurance customers can see a comprehensive printed monthly statement of what they paid for, a list of prescriptions and refills as well as an image of the medications, all in color. Using some of the best in class products from Xplor member companies, Humana’s application provides a visual roadmap of customer medications that can be shared with doctors and caregivers. Xplorer of the Year Award—the Xplorer of the Year is Xplor International’s most prestigious award. It recognizes an Xplor member for his or her contributions to the association during the past year. It can honor outstanding service, dedication to the Xplor mission, or outstanding achievement to further the interests of the electronic document systems industry. This year, Xplor recognizes Rob Williams, managing partner of Focus Legal Solutions for the work he and his company donated to support this conference and chairing and organizing the Digital Print, Color, and Variable Data course here at Xplor Document University. Rob typifies the spirit of Xplor. EDP’s Class of 2005 Recognized The EDP designation is an industry symbol for professional proficiency, experience and commitment and is continues to grow 16 years after the first class of graduates in 1991. EDP professionals promote and enhance the industry through continuing individual education, knowledge sharing and mentoring others in the certification process. To date, over 500 EDPs have been certified worldwide, with numbers increasing ever year. Xplor wishes to congratulate to the following Class of 2007: Bert Alblas, EDP - Cendris Steve Biancaniello, EDP – Prinova, Inc. Marcel Brandsen, EDP – Fortis Verzekeringen Nederland Kevin Browne, EDP – Gilmore DocuLink International Hans Dickerscheid, EDP - DaDoLog Omer Doucet, EDP – Canada Post Corporation Detlev Gellermann, EDP – Document Dialog B.V. Pierre Guénette, EDP – Canada Post Corporation Ben Hampton, EDP – DSN, Inc. Frank Heuvel, EDP – Xerox (Nederland) B.V. Jaap Jacobs, EDP – ING Groep Frank Janssen, EDP – Aia Software B.V. Chris Knight, EDP – Jersey Post Kent Lewis, EDP – Exstream Software, Inc. Gerald Lankamp, EDP – SNS Bank Nederland Michael Niederjohann, EDP – Exstream Software Germany GmbH Michael Ricking, EDP – Edmond Research & Development B.V. Rebecca Rodgers, EDP, D.R. Rodgers & Assoc., Inc. Michelle Peer, EDP – Prinova, Inc. Nico Schoone, EDP – Aia Software B.V. Marc Seidler, EDP – Dokument Dialog GmbH Ylja Stunnenberg, EDP – Tridion Corporation Services